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  1. 11 to 1's topics are always clogging up the "View New Posts" list - We need all the room we can spare for bad beat stories and brag posts.
  2. I suppose so. Even though the card room is small they have a lot of table games and there were at least 4 or 5 black jack and 3 card poker tables on the floor that were empty. I assume (maybe I'm wrong) that those dealers have been trained to deal hold'em. I'd have taken a mediocre dealer rather than walk around the casino bored the whole time - I'm really not much of a gambler - just cards.
  3. I went to a local casino a couple of days ago. They have a small card room. 5 tables, 10 per table. They had two games of 3-6 limit running, with full tables of 10. And, the wait-list was 12 players. I went ahead and signed up for the 13th spot in line. Two hours later I had reached 6th in line and the wait-list was now 32 players long. They had enough players on the wait-list to fill every table in the room and they didn't even start one more game. I was so annoyed I took my name off the list and went home so I could lose my money on-line instead. End complaint. Cheers.
  4. I think only 3 online wins (one on PP, one of PS, one on FT) - unless you count freerolls and then add another 3 (just won one of those FullTilt WSOP freeroll pushaments to get in to Round two last night, lol). But, I've won 10 or so live tourneys of 50 - 60 entrants with buy-ins of $40 to $150.Biggest online win was for around $700. Live for $4200. All told, I'm just a bit better than break-even. But, I'm relatively inexperienced so... it'll do.
  5. I'm not sure being Jewish is being part of a "smaller type group", but point taken. The truth is anti-semitism has been completely internalized by a lot of people in communities where there is not a significant population. And, it sounds like you are warning the OP that advertising his Jewishness will cause trouble. It's dangerous ground. I don't think that was your intention.
  6. Hand number 2044378061 if you search for his table and look at the history - if anyone is interested.sorry i don't know a better way to find it.
  7. tough spot JoshiQ, but you had to make that move with so few chips.
  8. hmmm.. silly question i guess. little below his bankroll. nevermind.
  9. When it gets down to 18 I'll rail for whoever's left. gl.
  10. Agreed that it wouldn't work to do a prequel with Travis Bickle. Also, the prequel to Leon wouldn't work for me either. A lot of what is great about that film is that Leon is having an experience that he has never had before in his personal relationship with the girl - a prequel to Leon would be a pretty standard hitman movie - just wouldn't live up to the original. Also, the Sergio Leone movies are a trilogy that really don't need to be f'd with. So, probably the American Psycho prequel. But, not on the list - I think a prequel to Kill Bill, but not with The Bride. It should follow Carradine'
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