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  1. Being "right" is highly over-rated.As for those pros who make a living at poker, do you really think if you get them in a room they will all say the same thing? They won't. There is no such thing as the right way to play poker, raise children, maintain your car, practice religion. Now, be glad you know something about how he plays for when you are at table together, vary your play on him so he can't anticipate you, and stop thinking people should be like or think like or anything else all the same way.Though I do wish everyone would stop tailgating....
  2. There are pros and cons to every idea but have you thought of getting a mangement company and renting it out? Depending on your house payment, you might make a little money, get the tax breaks, and still be able to leave. Real estate will not come back for a while, probabaly until after the elections. Also, talk to a real estate attorney about carrying the loan yourself to sell it now. That can also be a good deal., if you are careful, buyer and seller do better.
  3. he needs to calm down and accept that it TAKES TIME to learn the game. He needs to play.01/.02 on Stars while he is reading some books and posting some hands someplace. Buy out of this issue with him now - your question is: WHY DIDN'T HE POST HERE HIMSELF?If he won't work for it, he doesn't deserve your time.Or mine.
  4. If Chris Ferguson can cut a carrot in half with a playing card, he (or someone else) can cut a dealer. Then the player just says he threw it too hard because he was angry about his bad beat and didn't mean to. Nice, huh?
  5. Maybe not. People in poker forums are also.....people. (Some of them, anyway.)'OP:We have moved four times to two different states in under three years. We have made a suicide pact if we have to move again - I personally loathe Florida, but if you are all doing well there, kid likes it and is in a good school, spouse likes it and is making friends, you like it........moving is probably only a really great idea, worth the expense and stress, if there is a compelling reason to go. BUT - if you are wishing you'd gone there in the first place, if the family is ok with that move, IF you think
  6. It isn't weird - there are a variety of explanations, not convinced anyone really knows why. I say trust your instincts, just having a positive attitude can be +EV - so, play where it feels good and don't worry about why. But if you are curious, you might read one of those feng shui books and see if you can make it work better - tell us if it does...
  7. It isn't wrong. It also isn't right. Some of you guys treat pokermath like it's religion - THERE IS NO ULTIMATE ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING. You think someone can explain why I'm wrong? Fine, go call Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson, Jen Harmon, and have them explain it to you and Zach/Actuary. I am essentially quoting them.Now - I never said one should play entirely without using the basic probabilities or ignore the relative sizes of stacks, pots and bets. What I said was: it is only one tool. If in your personal poker toolbox you want to put math in the top tray and reach for it first, be
  8. How did you do this, exactly? Your IP is the address of your computer, I'm trying to figure out how you could have played multiple accounts on the same computer? For the OP: my daughter and I play on this one computer at different times - I just told PS when they figured it out that we are who we are - no problem, they looked at our histories and could see it made sense. PStars has great support, iMO. And, they might not even notice.
  9. Well, shoot, we oughta all bomb the sites you play on with petitions to make sure you never get annoyed! Gosh darn, I didn't know! Must be just awful for you!!(Hey, are you that annoying dweeb who multis so much he slows the game down because we have to all wait until his time clock starts for him to fold 72os preflop?)
  10. The fact is that poker is all about math for you. Not for Jennifer Harmon. It's what works for you, not what works for a whole host of other people. Everyone needs to find their own way, Zach, with the tools best fitted for themselves. I'm glad you are comfortable with the way you make decisions, but it is not the only way. Do you watch HSP? Do the math on some of those plays, Zach - you think Sammy Farha makes plays based on math? Poker is related to mathmatics in the same way composing music is: it's inherent in the structure - it isn't a finite sytem for making decisions.
  11. Full tables that get suddenly short are gold mines - the other players often don't adjust their starting hand requirements and you make out like a bandit. Then there is you moving to another table.
  12. BUT - Poker, especially Hold 'Em, isn't math. Math is just one tool. What do you want those AAs to do? What's your table image? Who are you playing with? What position are you in; what's already happened? I've played so tight and gotten so lucky (rarely but its happened) that I couldn't get a single call on any hand I raised. Unless there are a lot of limpers in front of me or someone else has raised, I get the blinds for my Aces. Sometimes I've taken a few bad beats and lost big pots and people think I'm loose and bluffing. Then EVERYONE wants to call my raises. I remember some poke
  13. Ahem...but seriously, folks - You can do a few things besides getting a bottle of some brand of natural tears (not the stuff that takes the red out) and putting it next to your computer. Couple-three times an hour, do some "eye excercises" - look up, right, left, down, far away, change focus. I used to write about 14-18 hours a day - this keeps you from having eyes as bad as mine are now and mine from getting worse. (And snack on a few carrots - go great with Coors.)I now return you to the land of witty repartee.....
  14. In 4-5 years she'll be too old for you, you need to find a nine-year-old to fixate on now. I'm gonna tell you the truth while you are still young enough to maybe do something about this. If you are 18 or so, and you want a kid like this, when you are 28, 38 or 48, you still will. You'll find a million ways to justify it. You'll allow yourself to become a monster. Stop pretending this is normal and go get some help. I used to put people like you away. Pretty soon you'll start saying, "But you know they want it...."
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