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  1. Thanks...I really have not played much at Ameristar I heard its a ghost town lately, I used to play at Harrahs but if I play now its usually at the Argosy
  2. The cash games can be pretty juicy...the tournaments are interesting to say the least, but very beatable with the right strategy
  3. Caesars might be the winner, my friends really want to go to Pure so that would make sense
  4. Hey thanks guys...I'll be there on a Sun-Wed so the 7 pms sound good....noon is Pool Time:)Trip report with pics will be called for
  5. I'm thinking between $100-200 buyins is my range
  6. Venetian looks like a good option to!....the structures in these tournys seem so much better than Kansas City Casinos which are usually 1500 with 15-20 min levels total card catching contests
  7. I'm heading to Vegas in about 10 days staying at the Palms....I will be playing in a few Tournys just wondering which ones anyone has played? Looking at Caesars Palace website it looks like they have quite a few....Thanks!
  8. Its a very odd way to play.....I just played a tournament on it and its the slowest site by far.
  9. Kansas City owns!!!!!!!!!!!!! However I must say the players here are quite terrible
  10. I would like to become a winning player again
  11. He has never really played in to many WSOP events but did he completely give up poker?
  12. I just watched that documentary Daniel was talking about "earthlings" man what an eye opener for me...I dont consider myself nieve to many things but I litterally didnt know much about the tortureing of animals. I'm pretty disgusted after watching this movie. Unfort I love eating meat........but I see how ppl become vegans or vegetarians now.I'm thinking my eating habits will be changing quite soon
  13. best player ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You guys still play on FCP....I thought it was shut down?
  15. How do you set up a pokerstars private tourny thx?
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