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  1. Poop in one hand and dream in the other and see what gets filled up faster.
  2. The MTT SNGs would be mostly 90s...probably 70%, the rest 180s....
  3. Sorry, didn't provide enough info: 70% MTTs, 20% MTT SNGs and 10% one table SNGs.
  4. She's young, a good player and has had big success early: that equals out of control ego and immaturity. The younger poker community in general is just ripe with a-hole egos and immaturity, so why should she be any different? Its no excuse for bad behavior, however. What happens is she starts to believe in her mind that every play she makes is genius or the right one, instead of realizing everyone makes mistakes. And I'm sure nobody close to her will tell her otherwise.Being confident is one thing, being a jerk is another. They don't have to be interlocked as some on this forum think. Treating
  5. Played: 368 events, percentage in the money: 34%. Good or not so good? Feedback requested.
  6. Let's make it big and loud, FCPing the place up. Who be in?
  7. Much ado about nothing. They won't take it to anywhere near the end without buying it out. These kinds of challenges are just ways to spark interest in the poker community, with behind the scenes action so nobody gets really hurt. (Yawn). Fanboys will be all atwitter I'm sure.
  8. I guess I don't understand how $1,000 for 2+ days is underfunded? Not everyone goes to Vegas to play higher stakes or limits. And why would playing say $1/$2 cash at Caesar's be worse than playing $1/$2 at MGM? And why couldn't a guy play in a few $120 tourneys and still play cash games and be okay? And as far as the comment of 'going to play low limits in Vegas is a waste'....why? To some of you guys who play bigger, sure. I get it. But not everyone is trying to become a pro or make a living at it. Some just like the competition and enjoyment of playing live, but still want to win. For some g
  9. Enablers and rationalizers. Its what makes America go 'round. Multiple 'bustos' = Stupido.
  10. Are you serious? This is stupidity. Do something else. Somebody needs to give you a punch in the nuts for a reality check.
  11. "I'm the defending champ"..."I'm the champion from last year"...."I guess you guys want the defending champ to stay, right?"...."I'm the champ"....."I won it all last year"....."Yeah, I'm the defending champion"...."I won it last year...me, Jerry Yang".
  12. Its obvious that this guy has a drinking problem. What a complete travesty. When he gets lucky, its 'all good, baby'. Someone else catches and he's a bitter drunk. Disgusting.
  13. Two things: its probably hard for some of you younger guys to understand, but some guys in their 30s and 40s who play at these limits have a lot of disposable income and just view it as entertainment. They aren't that worried about getting better or how others perceive them and their play. They don't get their self-esteem from poker. Its just a game...and for those that do take it seriously, you should be glad these types are playing.I laugh at some of you just thinking big paying jobs are lawyers, doctors, etc. Many lawyers don't make squat. And the jobs you might think are lame, like working
  14. They'd push it back to the fall period because ratings would be higher than the summer...and the element of not knowing ahead of time who'd win. ESPN is so hyping the NFL and everything World Series at that time, I can't believe they'd want to cram the WSOP final table in too. Watching a live FT doesn't make a lot of sense time-wise for viewers...WAY too long. This may be an idea that popped up and will quickly get picked apart and disappear.LMAO about worrying that a player 'would die'. Its not even a consideration.
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