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  1. haha nice, you're the only fcp'er to catch it so far.
  2. Nice, I've already have a couple of you sign up and get into this, any others that sign up be sure to let me know you're a FCP dude/dudette and I'll hook you up!
  3. Awakened LandsRPG format, pretty damn addicting. Great way to kill time at work etc. If you sign up hit me in game ID#7574 name - Tigh I'll get you started with cash and weapons.Once you get going and are able to make money in the game, let me know, alot of us play on the FCP play money tables for Awakened Lands dollars, we got a good game going.
  4. 3 seasons is a LONG time to miss in the NFL...ask anyone who knowns anything about the game...plus who is going to want the guy after this? And 3 seasons is actually being pretty conservative, if he gets the max. sentence it will be more like 2013 before he could play again, who knows maybe more. My money is on him never suiting up for the NFL ever again.
  5. His NFL suspension is more than likely going to be about the same amount of time as his sentence, and it won't even kick in until after he's released from jail. The way I see it, it's at least 2 1/2 years MINIMUM before he would even be eligible to play again, and considering he has one of the toughest judges in VA. and the fact that Goodell is an avid dog lover and human society donator, I would say his future in the NFL is bleak to say the least. He may pop up in the CFL or Arena in 4 years, but if you think this situation hasn't completely ruined his NFL career, you are just being extremely
  6. Good luck rotting in jail scumbag...say goodbye to your career.
  7. Humberto cracks me up, and this thread is a testament to the degree of uber-tilt he can put you on.Humberto = metagame GENIUS
  8. I definitely LOL'ed at the post, it's just that Chan seems like one of these too-cool-for-school guys whom you never would expect to throw a tantrum like that. It was just surprising when I read it, I never would have expected that from Chan the Man.
  9. From the cardplayer.com updates of the Mirage Poker Showdown:Johnny Chan Exits in StyleWith the board showing Q72, Ardovan Yazdi bets out $25,000. Johnny Chan pushes all in and Yazdi makes the call. Chan is holding AK and Yazdi shows A5. The turn is the 7 completing Yazdi's flush and infuriating Chan. Johnny Chan crumples up the K and throws the A across the room. The river is the A and the dealer is forced to ask for a new deck of cards as Johnny Chan storms out of the Mirage poker room. I have heard rumblings for awhile that Chan was a complete @sshole, and have never had any reason to belie
  10. So iowahawk shows his true colors as a scumbag degenerate petty scammer.Not surprising.Hope the $20 was worth it...
  11. I gained more respect for Trump after he put that loud-mouthed trash Rosie in her place. Someone needs to knock her over the head with a club.
  12. Annie Duke is VILE. She can't wipe her *** and she has Howard Lederer's facial features. She is teh skankness.
  13. I can't believe no one has mentioned yet:Chip ReeseErik SeidelThose two are the definition of class.Also, while he may not be as well known as most of the names being posted, Harley Hall is an extremely nice and classy guy.
  14. Please go get your hands chopped off so you can never again type in your life.
  15. I would have hung up the phone on you also when you tried to defend Kanter's abyssmal play.
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