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  1. I understand what you meant, and thanks for your support. Really, my problem might be more common then some people on here want to admit. I don't have many friends, I don't really get out much because i'm married, so i think poker has become something to keep me occupied and in that time i have become obsessed with it.I'm going to start replacing poker with more creative things to do in my life, such as writing, softball, heck i have even thought about playing baseball again recently.
  2. hey Ted.... no i have not told her any of that. I'm afraid of what the consequences could be for letting her know. I figured though that i could make it up to her without telling her what i did w/o her knowledge by keeping my promise to her and not playing anymore poker. Its going to be hard but i think i can do it. I did a good job for a month or so and then i started coming back to FCP so i gotta stop that from now on.
  3. I understand what you mean exactly. Anybody that doesn't know much about poker is going to assume its straight gambling and not good for you. I think alot of well-rounded people that don't have emotional issues could crush the game and not form the same addictive traits to it as i have done. i have to give you credit for pointing out some of my life leaks several months back. I remembered what you said about asking for trouble (if i kept playing out of my BR) and just the comments about playing outside my BR were a wake up call of sorts....it was never explained to me like that before and
  4. I don't want to ask but i'm going to anyways. Why the sigh?
  5. I want to clarify my last statement a little if i may. I know that most professional poker players play online a ton. I know that they have to do this in order to make up losses, put in a quota for hands in a certain amount of time, have free time they need to kill,etc. The point that i wanted to make probably does not extend to the amount of time that you put into playing poker, but whether you have obsessive thoughts about playing that could be a problem. Speaking for myself, i obsessed with playing poker any free chance i could get, and i know that is very different than from how other
  6. I am 29 years old, live in St. Louis, MO and i have a gambling problem with poker.This is the first time that i have ever admitted this to myself. Its been a long road for me since i started playing poker. I have been playing hold em since i was a junior in college at the University of Missouri- Columbia in the year 2000, before poker became what it is today. Back then, my roommates at my fraternity house (it wasn't really a fraternity, it was a scholarship house, so i don't consider myself a frat guy) played limit hold 'em, and i decided to join the fun. Back then, none of us knew how to
  7. Bastards aren't even going to let me transfer my fpps.Hello Dan, Thank you for getting back to us. To make a real-money transfer at PokerStars, simply log-in to your PokerStars account, and from the Requests menu at the top of the screen, select Transfer Funds... and enter the User ID of the recipient and the amount to be transferred. Tickets won in Step Sit & Go tournaments are good only for usewithin that event's Steps system and are not transferable in any way. FPP points are also non-transferable and only usable on the account andby the player who has earned them. If you have any more
  8. i've decided to stop playing poker, and hopefully visiting the forums. I'm trying to get away from the game actually.If anyone is interested, i have Skalanky's theory of hold'em i can ship them for free. Just pay for shipping.
  9. I have a ticket, T$ , and $2.50 in my account. I will disperse them to the first three posters above. (still working on transfering the WSOP steps ticket, i will do my best Ryan)Also still working on transferring the Fpps for a possible barrage of some sort.
  10. i'm trying to work it out so i can transfer this ticket to someone. If i can do that, i will. I also asked them if i can transfer 1,500 Fpps that i have. Maybe i can stake a bunch of pple to a WSOP fpp sat or something..
  11. I'm closing my pokerstars account. Pstars will not give me cash value for my step ticket, and i just realized they won't let me transfer it either. Sorry Edit #2: I have $2.50 left in the account. I'm want to offer this to someone for a tourney or something.
  12. I'm hoping Zach can turn it around and win this one!
  13. This clown needs to get over himself all ready.
  14. My wife grew up outside of this country, and has never liked any sort of gambling.Financially, our family is fine. The money that i lost does not effect us.She doesn't like the time i put into the game which is hardly anything in the grand scheme of things. Whenever i would play, it would be during the evening and on the weekends during the evening when she is sleeping. The time that i would spend would be 6-7 hours at a time. I guess this can be considered excessive but when you only have limited playing opportunties i would try and make the most of them. The thing she hates the most i
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