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  1. Ah very true. I actually saved up and invested all my $$ and I quit my job yesterday. So now...I'm playing Wii, drinking with my friends, and moving to Santa Monica, CA.
  2. Am I really this crazy?! Is there not one other person on this board that agrees with even 30% of what I said?
  3. (Snicker)#1 - If Phil Ivey's biggest stream of income is his sponsors, then he should consider quitting poker and joining a world of warcraft guild and growing a gut & zits. #2 - I don't have any intention of killing myself (sorry folks - but then again...who cares about all the no-name posters and loser "pros" who are wasting their time reading this)#3 - Touche on the sarcasm.
  4. Seriously...who really gives two s.h.i.t.s about all this? My 24 year old self is sitting at my job passing time by coming onto these forums among my other non-pr0n surfing. 80% of the people posting on this website should be in a similar realm. Hey guess what folks: Nobody phucking cares that you wouldn't take a bet from Ram and nobody phucking cares that you don't like Phil now. You know why? None of you are going to ever have the chance or the influence to truly be in a position to play, befriend, affect, and etc either of these individuals. The flip side...if you are supposedly frie
  5. Simple:1. He's going blad2. He has had the hair surgery plug thing done3. He's recovering and doesn't want anyone to know that the surgery took place
  6. hey...stfuyafpos (the 'y' stands for "you")
  7. It would make sense that if Ivey TRULY cared, he would've called up his web-techies and put up his response. Why would he ask you to do it on your site? I very much see this as you wanted to do this from the start...so you called up Phil and told him...he said "sure" It's funny how people never change. Junior highers-adults. Posting complaints on the web through other friends...i mean seriously...this is LAUGHABLE. My respect for all parties involved is dropping like a mother freaker. Why can't these "men" just call each other directly and settle this?
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