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  1. There's quite a few posters on that thread who have evidently read it as well. No one has commented on where to find it though.PairTheBoard
  2. Does anyone have a link to the DN article Sklansky discusses in this 2+2 thread? Several people, including myself, cannot find it at the CardPlayer site nor in DN's blogs. The 2+2 posters have not provided a link despite several requests for one.2+2 Sklansky Thread Discussing DN Mystery ArticleThanks,PairTheBoard
  3. There were two main arguments given by what's-his-name. One was "collusion" and the other was "even playing field". The Collusion argument was by far the stronger. The Even Playing Field argument held that some of these tactics would be applied by the pros almost exclusively against the amatuers. Thus making for an uneven playing field. That argument is pretty iffy. So it looks like Daniel has compromised and given up on those tactics that most clearly can be seen as opening doors to collusion. It looks like his Two Points above are free from that possibility. If so, they look like a good comp
  4. I agree. I can see how it could have been a joke.PairTheBoard
  5. Well, disliking Trump is one thing. And certainly his perogative. But calling him a cancer to society is something else. I'm not taking it literally. I realize he's not literally talking about cancer. But it sure looks like a heavy slam that's coming from a position of condemnation of Trump for some reason. I just can't understand what Daniel could know about Trump that would prompt such heavy condemnation.PairTheBoard
  6. So you think I misread him? He wasn't slamming Trump but just making a joking reference to how people criticize reality TV shows as a cancer to our society? It was tongue in cheek? More of a sarcastic concession to people who think reality TV is so bad? ok. Maybe. There wasn't any context to indicate that. But maybe there had been additional converstation between the interviewer and Daniel which wasn't shown. I don't think I'm a Complete moron though. If that's how it was said and meant I don't think it's that obvious. Notice I said it was puzzling. There's a thread going at 2+2 about it. Most
  7. Interview with Daniel at Pokerworks.com Did you actually say that Daniel? And if so, what were you thinking?I can understand the "Buffoon" comment. The Donald certainly has an unusual personality which is ripe for charicature. He's not shy about promoting himself either, but then again neither are you. It's a key to success in a lot of ventures, especially the entertainment business. Some people even hire publicists to do it for them.But to say he is a "cancer to our society" is pretty harsh. What does he do that's so bad? He builds beautiful buildings that provide the highest quality places f
  8. What you need Daniel is a Press Secretary like the President has. That way you can do your Blog and let the PS handle all the Q&A on the Forums. At least when you want to take a vacation from them. You probably feel a responsiblity to your fans to keep up with the Blog. But the Forums can drive you nuts if you can't take a vacation from them once in a while.PairTheBoard:spade:
  9. The latest report at 2+2 is that 3 Arbitrators were agreed to by the people involved and that they all agreed to abide by the decision of the Aribitrators. The 2+2 report is that the Arbitrators all ruled in favor of Ivey. No word on whether payment has yet been made. I suspect the complete specific terms of the decision and payment agreement will never be disclosed. If they all stop talking about it I would conclude it's settled and behind them.PairTheBoard
  10. It's not just those directly affected by the bill. It's their friends too. People talk. There's a snowball effect.PairTheBoard
  11. The last I heard, McCain is in favor of sending another 200,000 or so troops into Iraq. I don't think that position will play with the majority of Americans today. It looks like McCain wants a second chance to really win the Vietnam War. If he doesn't change that position I don't see how he can be elected.PairTheBoard
  12. Here's a good article on Barack Obama. I think he is just what the Democratic Party needs. Also, I'm pretty sure he's against BumFights too.PairTheBoard
  13. It looks like the most respected opinion at 2+2 on this issue is that this language in the Bill is talking about Forbidding American Web Hosting type facilities from letting Gambling Sites use American Servers to run their sites. If that's the case it wouldn't have much effect since this isn't being done anyway. I don't think there is a complete consensus on exactly what the Bill is talking about here. I guess we'll have to wait until the Lawmakers make themselves clear before we know for sure.PairTheBoard
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