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  1. Ah ok - might be an anglo-american translation thing - here in the UK I've only ever heard the term "show one show all" being used for players, not cards. Certainly here I've never seen a player pulled up for mucking one card and showing the other after the hand, but I've seen a couple of variations for showing one card while in play.Makes more sense now
  2. Daniel et al,I was curious about the references you made to the various rules of tournament poker from your May 14th entry. In it you discuss your support for your ability to be able to show one of your hole cards to an opponent in heads up play, and I agree entirely with you, it's an intrinsic part of Poker, but you go on to say: Now, in my opinion whether or not you may show a hole card to an opponent, and the "show one show all" rules are quite different - one discusses the mere action of showing any other player your hole cards during a hand, the other is distinguishing between showing
  3. I'd much rather play Poker though :-)
  4. Thanks - Been lurking a while and thought I'd jump in!
  5. I've been looking alot at my game lately and trying to pin point my strengths and weaknesses. 2 weeks ago I had one of the worst tournaments I can recall in quite a long time at a 10GBP re-buy tournament at The Vic (The Grovesnor Victoria Casino, London - one of the few decent venues we have here in the UK). I hadn't played rebuy for quite some time, and in fact, the last time I did I swore I'd stick to freezout from now on. I guess my question is, should I just accept that freezouts are my format of choice, or should I try to adapt my game to handle re-buys... a lot of the juicier satelit
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