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  1. He was playing a pretty simple catch & shove, hit & run game, doubling up and then going south by moving to another table. The latter of which I believe is part of his 'system'.
  2. haven't been following the mechanics of his challenge, but a couple of weeks ago he played the NLHE cash tables on FT quite often. Buying in short on 4-6 tables, he went from 50c/1 upto $5/10 in the space of 10-12 days. haven't seen him recently.
  3. Posted on Hendonmob site.Canadian Poker Pro joins team of World Champions at 2007 World Series of Poker LONDON, UK, JUNE 11, 2007— PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, today announced that champion poker player Daniel Negreanu has decided to make PokerStars his new professional home. A legend for his ability to read players, spot the best action and mentor up-and-coming players, Negreanu will join Team PokerStars as its newest ambassador of the sport beloved by 50 million people worldwide. "I've enjoyed a long personal relationship with the folks at PokerStars since the company's
  4. Canada is considered to be "America Lite"
  5. http://www.thehendonmob.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14023
  6. A response may be cominghttp://www.thehendonmob.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13816
  7. There's a rakeback thread on thehendonmob.com where they say they can get rakeback added to existing accounts, so it is theoretically possible, but whether thats a deal they have only for signups through their site, or its available to all affiliates, I don't know.But yes, rakeback can be added to existing accounts, it would seem.
  8. As I've got exactly 200 points on a day i wasn't playing, i'm wondering if they had problems, and the simplest answer was to give everyone 200 points that day?
  9. They're called plaques (sometimes Jetsons)http://www.apachepokerchips.com/http://www.apachepokerchips.com/nationalpokerseries.html
  10. From www.thehendonmob.com sign-up/rakeback FAQ"We’ll pay you 27% of the net revenue generated by your poker account. This is the sum of all the tournament entry fees and cash rake, minus any bonus or promotional amounts, processing charges, FTP points spent, charge-backs or other uncollectible revenue generated. Spending 1000 points removes roughly $1.35 worth of rakeback"As always, best to check with your own affiliate first.
  11. Podcast about it here.http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/multiMedia.php
  12. Had 4 in total, and in one crazy week, had 2 royals in 2 days, and 3 straight flushes in the space of about 90 mins (on a different day.)Also had an all-in pre flop AA v AA, and lost to a royal!
  13. There's some verbatim extracts from the trial at the following link, (and the other links on the right hand of the page)http://www.gutshot.com/e/article.php?full=...rch=David+Lloydwhich show the ridiculous length the prosecution went to, to prove everything was chance.
  14. So, the Gutshot case here in England is over and they lost.They decided poker is a game of chance, not skill, so all those who think they're good players are just getting lucky more often!http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6267603.stm
  15. There's a book called "Swimming with the Devilfish"http://www.amazon.com/Swimming-Devilfish-U...TF8&s=booksWhich covers him, (about a 3rd of the book) and the other UK pros. A nice light read.
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