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  1. Paul is dan's co-host on the APPT poker tour.
  2. Daniel ~ ask paul about his hatred for canadians and about the racist rant he went on when i busted him from a stud tournament at crown back in july of 07 ~ and if you have doubt ask shannon Elizabeth because she was in seat three and paul was in seat five.It was so bad the floor man had to remove paul !!paul is a piece of trash
  3. Soo much truth in this post ! well bowled sir
  4. she didnt even counter when Biden's shot down the Maverick label (imo that that was pretty powerful speech) that and the issue of the powers of VP and having an understand of what powers the job entails ~ were high points that she faulted on.
  5. i will say she did put up good fight ~ but at the end of Biden owned her
  6. the no maverick speech has took it home for him - and she looks defeated
  7. wow she dropped the ball about the powers the VP and executive power ~Biden killed that question
  8. she is controlling the subject of the debate really well and she has great physical presence wile speaking/ she has been well coached.nether has really faulted
  9. FCP'S resident mtt senior citizen is on the final table of the nightly 50-50 on FTP TD#(61687003) TID VICK
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