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  1. shitloads of rakeback btw how do I even claim rakeback!? Its not really poker winnings is it? I mean it sort of is... but is it legal even? I dont know...Blah
  2. Of course not. Why do you ask? Do you want something made?
  3. no clue. that would be awesome though
  4. Lets just say hypothetically I make $30k this year from poker and rakeback combined... I need to figure out how to handle this legally so the IRS does not kill me. Anyone living in CT ever won anything more than $10k in poker winnings and paid the taxes on it?For the last few months poker has been my only source of income. I am a professional poker player technically. Should I try to get all of my tax stuff set up and file as a professional poker player? I dont want to mess up lol
  5. Unless you have the absolute dream hand, (straight with a 2 pair or better) then I am about 43 EE if you call. More often than not, since I checked and the guy to my left min bet... your standard play 100% of the time is to pot it basically with anything and usually with nothing. There are advantages and disadvantages of playing certain styles... If you always bet when its checked to you, I am going to CR you. If all you do is overcall, im going to bet huge. If you never bet and always call a little bit, im going to always value bet you. If you are a maniac, im going to overvalue my hands agai
  6. I was 30 EE boo hoo...You are going to mock me on the forums? Looks like im not the only one to ever get my money in bad or... drawing dead.Now can we just be pals? FullTiltPoker Game #11077003788: Table GateauOrMort - $0.50/$1 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 0:32:32 ET - 2009/03/11Seat 1: Ralgoth ($94.60)Seat 2: CisqoRouter ($165.40)Seat 3: ProtekYoNuts ($310.70)Seat 4: oneless88 ($108.55)Seat 5: GateauOrMort ($99)Seat 6: Dr MS ($100)Seat 7: DougM ($138.20)Seat 8: antistuff ($167.95)Seat 9: thefletch27 ($68.50)Ralgoth posts the small blind of $0.50CisqoRouter posts the big blind of $1The button is in
  7. I would call or maybe raise in that spot. Any low card will probably give me freeroll outs. If the ace or 2 comes it could counterfeit someone and then I could easily take the pot by betting the turn.
  8. Lol yeah. I learned a ton about poker tracker now. I have 14,000 hands on a friend of mine and it shows him being down $400 net but hes up a lot over 30k hands. I stopped looking at $$ won and lost when I had Bourgoune I think that's how you spell his name... up $1200 over 35k hands, but my friend had bourgoune DOWN $1500 over 30k hands.. I look at the autorate player thing eventhough I think it is a little too strict (out of 9,000 people in my DB only a handfull are the Moneybag sign...The standard auto-rate player thing has me rated as an Eagle.
  9. what does it mean if my total winnings are 1/8 of my showdown winnings? How would it compare to if my total winnings are 1/2 of my showdown winnings? Does a low total winnings rate compared to a much higher showdown winning mean that I am folding too much when I am ahead?
  10. I have found NLO8 50/1 to be the juiciest game. Especially when 1stock1 is playing. I have played over 150k hands this year (not that much but still) and am up quite a nice chunk of change. Had I not cashed out a bunch to buy a car, id be playing 1/2 since I have seen a lot of very bad players like Kideddie7 and 1stock1 play there frequently. FTP forced me to close my old account though so I play as Ralgoth now.
  11. Hey DN, I read your most recent blog. I noticed that you said you are trying to lose weight and build muscle. You gotta be eating tons of mixed wild/brown rice... Beans... Oatmeal... (do you drink skim milk?) Just remember it is calories in, calories out. It doesn't matter what you eat or how much of it you eat as long as you burn it off.I am guessing that its harder for you to build muscle because you are most likely an Ectomorph. So if you really want to bulk up just get your hands on a load of protein powder (Natural, expensive Whey protein Isolate) I don't use it because I'm a mesomorph.Th
  12. I think he had AK or AQ of spades. I think when people look back at their hands it generally means that they don't have a pair because they are checking to see if their two suited cards are the same suit as the flop. If he is checking this, then it pretty much means that he doesn't have a pair. Thats what I think it means. I think he called and you won
  13. All in as fast as possible and hope for a call because you have them in 80/20 80% of the time and 70/30 20% of the time
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