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  1. I have 4 spots left in my $30 fantasy football league on yahoo, standard scoring, draft is next sunday night at 10pm eastern. Money payable on either paypal or carbon poker, 12 team league, 6 make playoffs, top 4 get paid and top regular season points leader gets paid. I know I haven't posted here in awhile, so not even sure whos still around, but if you're interested post here or pm me
  2. scottyno

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    this forum still exists?
  3. hey, i know i haven't posted here in awhile, but for anyone that doesn't remember I've run leagues with fcp people in the past, and have a couple who also don't really post much in this one. I have 1 spot left in my $30 league, the draft is wednesday at 10pm eastern, its a 12 team league, paying top 4, with standard yahoo scoring except the 3rd WR is a flexpayment must be made on paypal, preference will be given to people with a good history here and that I've heard of, post here or pm if interestededit: full now
  4. not sure why he's not there tonight, maybe doctors won't let him fly, but he's been at several of the bruins home playoff games up in a pressbox, so I don't think noise is the issue
  5. Of course it was 421-2 and 98-0, it was a vote on port security against terrorism, voting against almost anything related to protecting the country from terrorism is ****ing political suicide in a post 9/11 world unless you want to spend your entire reelection campaign explaining to the voters why you don't think protecting the country from terrorists is important. If there had somehow been a vote on just the uigea you can bet it wouldnt ahve been 421-2 and 98-0, and the people who made sure the uigea got into a bill that everyone already knew was a guarantee to pass were the people who alread
  6. i lurk sometimes, but basically just don't really post on any forums anymore
  7. don't know if this thread is the right place since its not technically a "sports bet", but Im looking to bet $50 on racener at 4-1 to win hu tomorrow with a reg poster, bodog has it as duhamel -500 racener +300, so looking to eliminate the juiceedit: nevermind bet taken from somewhere else, dont want to double book
  8. what are you trying to flop with a888 rainbowedit: or is that the 6 of spades, not that it makes it much better
  9. dna and me are actually the only other people from fcp in the 100, its a combo of people from various forums, and a couple other people. the $20 draft was yesterday, that one had more people from fcp, I think it went well.
  10. ill let you know by tomorrow, had 2 people on another site who last night said they wanted in, and they would be 11 and 12, but after i told them to go ahead and ship I havent heard back yet. Im going to message them again, and if 1 of them hasn't paid by tomorrow you're in, paypal is fine, Ill pm you my info if one of them drops out or doesn't pay.
  11. I hadn't considered, but doesn't matter now, we have 10 paid, 1 hasn't registered yet, and 2 more reserved, so it looks like we should be all set
  12. $20 league is full and draft is this wednesday, 1030 pm est$100 league has 8 paid and registered, will run with 8 if it doesn't get either 2 or 4 more people, draft is thursday, 1030 pm est
  13. there are spots in the 100, not the 20waivers lock sunday-tuesday4 teams make the playoffs, all 1 league, no divisions
  14. yeah, got it and sent you pm i thought, ill send again to make sure
  15. i dont think so, but if someone drops out ill let you knowstill spots left in the 100 though
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