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  1. daniel, and everyone, especially those who have recently lost someone they love. Not to push religion or beliefs on anyone at all but the book 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper talks about a man who died and went to heaven for 90 Minutes and came back.Even if you dont believe in that stuff its still a touching book. Im so sorry for your loss Daniel. God Bless.
  2. if they will ban you for playing in the same sng from the same house they should not let you register. like they wont regster to a 1 table sng or the same cash table.
  3. you actually can play the same sng from the same house. i had no idea that was against the rules as long as you didnt look at screens. i thought it was fine since the site was lettting us with no problems
  4. lolz. i actually got banned from there today. i play in 18 man sngs from the same ip adresse as my fiance. the site allows this. then they said we colluded?we never helped each other at all. actually we rarely were at same table and rarely final tabled it lol. we lost waaay more than won. just like playing in the same sng so we could see who was better, and it was just more entertaining. but we never helped each other or anything. they banned us both and now refuse to tell me what evidence they have and will not reply to my emails. full tilt is dumb.
  5. weeeeeee, gl all, id need a stake but if not then gl to those who are gonna take the FT 7strate7 (walnut creek)
  6. wow this guy is killin right now, not sure if he is up or down but he is in the 200-400 PLO and NL games and has over 868k spread across 6 tables, up to 240 on one and way high on some others too. variance?
  7. new one, new question, when did they have over 100k players online first?
  8. late stages=50 100? isnt that like 45 minutes in or something
  9. grim is kikcin his azz hardcore now
  10. there are a ton, perhaps some **** talking just started as wellEllipses: sorry for slowroll mr grimstarrEllipses: was deciding on the other table didnt see your shoveEllipses: fish do deserve to be slowrolled thoughGrimstarr: stfuEllipses: ty fishGrimstarr: ?Ellipses: goooooooodEllipses: gameeeeeeeeeEllipses: i lied
  11. crazy aggro HU 300-600 and 200 400 with grimstar vs. elipses
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