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  1. Which pre-paid credit card is accepted on stars and FTP without any issues.... obv. USA....
  2. I just upgraded the ftp today and it is just way too slow and messed up my comp... anyone else having issues with it? thanks
  3. TBH (brag post - obv ) I ran 200 to 14,445 in one day.... my secret... well i found out that a pair kings & 8s were so much better.... So i switched to PLO Oh and to save precious web space.... I will also say that I was able to withdraw the 10k via bank wire but had to send in my ID and Electric bill.... BKice helped me on it...
  4. This would be nice if the select button was on this option for paper checks.... but its not... i dont understand why... i read that it could be because im from the US but im not sure... yea PS never gave me this issue... but then again I never had to withdraw this amount... i think the mim is 20k for wire... which is ok... I didnt want to withdraw that much... thanks for the advice guys...
  5. I have tried to withdraw 10k.... I am only allowed via bank transfer (echeck) of 995 a week.... I already did that... FTP seems to only say either that way or click2pay... Someone told me they have wiretransfer... but this option was never told to me by FTP... I just emailed wiretransfer@fulltiltpoker.com.... but I seem to not even be able to select paper check which is 5k max... what is up with this site?Does anyone have any other information... thanks...
  6. So I would like to know if I withdrew 10k via bank transfer.... will it be flagged down for taxes... and if so... how much will it be... I live in Texas, USA....
  7. tearly_123 ( chesterfield )"Let Me Show You My Nuts""If you read this, YOUR GHAY""Space FOR Rent, Have to support my DEGEN self"
  8. I to design websites for a living... but living is the key word lol... So i dont know how much help i could really be... but if you can at least tell me what you need... and what swag is in it... I would help... www.pattersonenterprise.com is my site...
  9. First off WTG bro, nice lil cash there..... and thanks for giving back to the FCP community.... I will be PMing you today... again thanks and congrats
  10. hummmm you could just unregister and get the t-dollars and play on someone elses stake... just a though
  11. because i am a nice guy.... and i will make you a brazillionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dollars... i promise :Dtearly_123 ( chesterfield )
  12. thanks for the giving back to the fcp community, bro... GL everyone
  13. C. Bud Light because that was the center of the lights and you were trying to hide it in all those answers.....
  14. f. for sam adams..... im not a scamming idiot but i also dont have 1000 post, partly because my post are meaningful imo.... like the almighty k8tearly_123 on ps
  15. He is jewish, they are born into money....
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