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    The HouseflyEggs.The mature female housefly lays many batches of eggs with 100 to 150 eggs in each batch. Decaying organic matter such as manure heaps, faeces, or almost any exposed food material, are selected as breeding grounds.The eggs are white, elongate ovals, about one millimetre long and with two rib-like thickenings down each side. They hatch after eight to twenty-four hours according to the temperature. The bacteriological fermentation that goes on within a manure heap usually keeps the temperature high and fairly independent of external changes so that development proceeds rapidly.Di
  2. Wednesday, June 20, 2007 WSOP Day 19: The Ghost of Stuey Ungar and Katja Thater Wins Razz BraceletBy Paulyhttp://taopoker.blogspot.com/Just before sunrise, you can find the ghost of Stuey Ungar wandering the hallways of the convention center at the Rio. Somedays he's cleaning out the trash. Other days he's bartending in front of the poker kitchen. Sometimes he's dealing a satellite or standing guard near the cage. Most of the time, he's standing on the rail checking out the action in the biggest cash game in the room.Stuey Ungar is the greatest NL Hold'em player of all time. And that's not a h
  3. looks like Terrence busted in 2nd place according to CP. No details or hh's obv but looks like Hoyt took it downGG Terrence
  4. HEADS UP WITH HOYT !!!1Hoyt Corkins3,061,000Up $271,000View_history 2Terrence Chan1,179,000Down $-271,000Chan Doubles UpOn the next hand, Corkins pushes from the small blind and is called by Chan with 1010. Corkins tables A2 and the board comes 53353, Chan's hand holds up and he doubles.Alan Sass Eliminated 4th ($132,471)Sass raises from the button and Corkins pushes with A10. Sass insta-calls with AK and the first four cards come 987A. Corkins is open ended, but spikes his 10 on the river to take out Sass. Sass is eliminated in 4th place for a $132,471 payday.William Lin Eliminated 3rd ($
  5. cardplayer is soooooo lame...not a single update on this final table for the last hour and a 1/2. Its 4 handed for Gods sake you'd think they could at least post more than 3 short hand histories since the final table started at 2 PM PST. (ugh)
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=o3K-OzP-0ekJames Pittman127,000LoL
  7. From Terrence's blog:“So after all those bad things are happening to me, something good finally happened to me. I'm at the final table, it's mostly because of one hand, otherwise I'd be broke. We're playing four-handed on both tables. Under the gun raises it to ... I don't remember, I think it's 3000-6000, or excuse me 6000-12000 blinds. So, he raises it up to 40,000 I think. It's folded around to me in the big blind. I shove my last 250,000 in. He thinks for a while and calls with jacks. I have A9 of diamonds, flop comes Ace, Queen, 10 with 2 diamonds, so I have him like dead to like, you kno
  8. lol i think you are just upset you donked off a massive chip lead in a matter of seconds...i have to admit that was impressive
  9. hldngaflush hey man dont take any of that smack talk seriously it was all in good fun. I hope you really didnt report me to Stars that would be messed up.
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