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  1. Alright it was mid tourney just wanted to see what anyone thought of this play..8 ppl at the table blinds are 400-800 stacks arent real deep due to structure of tourney...I have a lil less than average with about 3950...everyone folds to guy that is 2 off the button with about 3600 in his stack and he limps(he has been doing this all day with any suited cards and weak aces) co and button fold sb completes(he has both of us covered by about 2300...he likes to see cheap flops from sb with small pairs and suited cards but big hands he raises)...I look down at Q9s and move in trying to p/u the 160
  2. Ok you say the CO isnt much of a raiser/reraiser pf. Even with the UTG being LAG you have to realize he is a good player and even good LAG's limit raising hands from UTG if you flat call here and the LAG shoves then you have tossed away your money being forced to fold for sure. I hate to say it but with the CO being a passive player and reraising an UTG raise you are beat. Just fold and wait for the next hand. Don't just call though it is the worst of any option in front of you. If you do want to play the hand make a healthy raise and hope they both fold PF.
  3. If you really want to work on ur limit game Howard Lederer has a great chapter in the full tilt book about limit holdem.
  4. Small ball really only works well online in cash games where you can play deep stack poker. Online tourneys dont allow you this luxury. You need to look for spots to double early and build a stack in tourneys then maybe you can employ your small ball strategy.
  5. The problem with your idea here is that the small baller is getting what he wants. See when the small baller makes his bet he is leveraging you. You have no idea what he has if say the blinds are 50-100 and the small baller raises to 300 and you call preflop...the pot now contains 750...no matter the flop the small baller will bet between 225-325 whether he has the nuts or not and if you make an oversized raise he may fold or he may make you pot commited when he has the nuts. See when they make small bets they lose the small bet when they recieve resistance but you your whole stack may be at r
  6. Alright cool thanks for the input guys. I just wasnt sure if getting it allin was wrong there. I thought it was ok to get ot allin. You guys just gave me a better way of doing it. thank you
  7. look I'm just learning just trying to get a better idea of what to do no need to be a jerk
  8. Just curious if i played this hand poorly or if i really couldnt do anything sorry tried to use flopriverturn.com but wasnt working Full Tilt Poker Game #4200929970: $1 Rebuy (31327191), Table 3 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:49:35 ET - 2007/11/16 Seat 1: Hero (4,130) Seat 2: pill pauper (5,125) Seat 3: Ophidion (4,410) Seat 4: shanenem (3,795) Seat 5: Moore_Man (10,950) Seat 6: jb-high (1,770), is sitting out Seat 7: Xman6674 (9,575), is sitting out Seat 8: prodigio20 (6,386) Seat 9: Goodspring (6,289) Goodspring posts the small blind of 60 Hero posts the big blind of 120 The button is in s
  9. OK Blinds 800-1600 I have AQo utg min raises at this point of a live tourney have been succesful. I raise to 3200 and SB calls and states sorry I have to call. and BB calls no worries I have position. Flop Ac5c6d SB moves allin for 5400 BB folds if I call im decimated if I fold I have a chance. What should I have done. I thought about the hand later and realized that if I call im over 20000 in chips or on life support. Also, realized the hands that beat me she could have AA,AK,55,66,A5 and A6 and hands that I beat were KK-77,AJ-A7. What is the right move here call or fold we just moved to fin
  10. Okay small ball is basically a form of leverage. Now to defend against this leverage you need to make stands pre and post flop sometimes with nothing. If you get caught then you must seriously think about showing your hand. This will let the small ball player know he cant leverage you. If you want a clearer understanding of this theory pick up the FTP poker book and read howard lederer section
  11. The only reason to call from the bb with AQ here is to diguise the strength of your hand. When you hit the Ace you have to follow through with your plan(if this was ur plan) and stack him a small bet on the river would do this if he thinks your weak expect a big reraise and just push in and stack him if he has you beat oh well. Now if you had reraised preflop you would have defined his hand. Sounds to me you may may be a passive player loose probably if your calling when you think your beat. You never tried to get a read of where you were at. Have to be more aggressive here. Also know ur oppo
  12. Okay you say your at a table with loose passive players and a couple tighties. I take it the button is a tightie because the others wouldnt raise preflop. You mostly have to give credit to the raiser if this is the case, also what hands could the loose passives have. I think your call preflop was a mistake oop a raise would have been better if your going to play the hand. If you get calls from the loose passive players then you know your in trouble and if the tight player repops you you loose less than just calling the pf raise. Now you have no clue where you are at by just calling. My guess y
  13. Okay so what did you do. The truth is you know this player think beyond what the board is and what you have. If you have played with him before what could he have and possibly bare with me what does he think you call a reraise preflop with. The truth is he may have made that reraise with anything maybe he wanted to get you HU for the flop its very scary to put your money allin with just a pair a fold or call in my opinion is not a mistake the pot size isnt huge relevant to your stack and there is alot of time left to pick better spots. Most good players only reraise with AA/KK and maybe AK pre
  14. Okay you did nothing wrong preflop 3x bb raise is sufficient....there is no need to never go allin unless you have the nuts and that was not the case. I think your bet post flop was good also. Where you made the mistake was moving in on the turn I think another half pot bet is sufficient if you get raised then consider folding but you took any decision making out of the equation when you pushed allin. I think you need to understand putting all your chips in is not aggresive poker it is a mistake the only hand that calls you there is one that has you beat. Just remeber you win small pots and lo
  15. Beaverstyle I am from grand rapids also....flush leave trinity alone and go back to pocket 5's
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