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  1. The colour does not affect insurance, I already talked to people about this...It's black..Gabe
  2. lol, I know what you're saying but I'm not like that...originally car was 47.3k (taxes included) and 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, and 8 year engine warrantyi got it for 36.975k (taxes included) 4 year bumper to bumper warranty, 8 year engine warranty, 5 oil changes, added tinted windows, and rust protectionGabe
  3. lol, that vid was pretty funny...and I'm not getting the license plate to get attention...I just don't understand what's wrong with custom license plates?Gabe
  4. rigggghht.....you got it figured out
  5. i don't know what the insiders' deal is but it was part of the deal...we negotiated and that's the final dealGabe
  6. i got a sick deal because of the fact that it's brand new and it's an 07' GT....they had (now have 3) 4 brand new 07's that they couldn't sell and i got mine for 36.975k instead of 47.3k plus i got a few extra things...4 year bumper to bumper...8 year engine warranty, rust protection, 5 oil changes and tinted windows...
  7. So i bought an 07' brand new RX8 and i have a few license plate ideas...what do you guys think?
  8. jordan, i sent u a pm but u might read this before the pm so ill post it here as well..ill review one of ur vids tonight if u'd like, and i also made a 2/4 Hu vid if u want to have a look...Gabe
  9. OP, if you wanna learn and practice some HU, i'm also trying to learn and stuff, ill put in some hands with you at either 2/4 3/6 nl on FTP, PM me to schedule a date...Gabe
  10. lol, 2/4 is still my main game....but play upto 5/10 when the game is good and i feel im on my A game...
  11. yo, long time...decided to drop by and say hi,so yea...hi...lol, so what's new with everyone? any exciting news? anyone playing 50/100 yet? except jordan taking his weekly shot at 25/50 +?Gabe
  12. jeez, you guys are uptight...get a sesne of humour...
  13. while on this topic,how about we write a rap, here i'll start...Good bye to the game, all the spoils, the adrenaline rushYour blood boils, you in a pot, knowing hearts could dropAnd your set - is so easy to crack the turn comes a heart, and you’re screwed - pretty muchBut why? How? Wtf did i do?I keep running worse than a lady with a cracked out hairdoThat aint right but it’s fact, poker is both skill and luckYou get up from your seat enta’ your pick up truck, with a bottle of booze in your hand, n’ some weed n’ some crackBefore you get a chance to drive home to your wife,Tilt creeps into your
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