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  1. hey how many winnipeggers are on here???anyone play at boogies on main st and redwood bridge???free Wednesdays but no cash games blah..they should have ten dollar buy ins.. man.. more fun with money..now i can go there finally that i have my i.d now..so i may see you there..peace
  2. ha ha omg that freak'n funny man...the stuff that goes up here eh?lol
  3. I recently realized the power of raising big and being aggressive at the table.usually when i have a bad hand i do that..and the people fold..getting outta the way. which is good for me...i love mixing it up.. playing tight from playing aggressive... i'm getting better and really want to get his stuff right..,it pisses me off when i don't. i feel i can do better..trying to find my game is hard and i really think that adapting the plays of the famous poker players...can get me some where's hopefully...but online poker really isn't helping with my reads...whack..gotta go play more public game
  4. man i'm going to play hold 'em tonight widh me uck ..i 'll tell you about it tommorow.hee hee...
  5. man has anyone been watching the show called DEA bout those police in detroit..that show is so whack it's nutty man...
  6. when it comes to racism in the world, when you see in injustice being done do you put a stop to it?i feel so confused bout how i feel..i feel that is it doesn't happen to me that i shouldn't try to act like i care.is that selfish or weak?should i care about he group of stinky drunk natives getting pushed around cuz they wouldn't leave the hospital area, by four big white security guards...? is that injustice or them doing their job of keeping the place free of vagrants?will they do that to me...should i feel offended..because i am a Canadian native?am i selfish...for not wanted to care?am i g
  7. sooo none of yous people's have gotten free five bucks deposited in your pokerstars account?huh?i wonder why i didi duhno whack oh well i ruined that money anyways..making donkey calls..fool!!
  8. man has anyone who plays at pokerstars.com ever gotten five dollars put in for free?yeh.?i have then i lost it all. lol..i was foolish and not soo good at poker then ..lolbut i getting beter ye yesnaps for mee...
  9. omg i wish i had that kind of money..to have daniel teach you poker 'oooooooooooooo' lolalso the learning from him...OMG.WOW... wait did i already say thatdammit...keep smiling y'all..
  10. when i play poker i usually try to raise evenly and un evenly..making people all confused thinknng they can figure out my betting schemes..i love being unpredicable..like gus hanson.hes hot too ehdo you think being unpredicable and wild is the way to go for some players?i dunno sometimes i just like to cross the lines and bee whack..but i have to work on my poker face...
  11. for met he best hand that i can play the best each time is j 9..suited the best and i love the way...they look eh?lol okay....loli dunno i mostly bluff hard with that hand and 8 out of 10 times it works hee hee
  12. HEE HEE tahnks for the advice.. i lately played a game with four other people...the most experienced player easily saw my reads and later on gave me the heads up about them..when i get a good card on the flop i usually do the eyes wide thingy..lolbut i am very happy that he told me and i could work on it..but trying to read him was like looking at a corpse.i hate/ love him for that. but the last hand....he raised i re raised ( me trying to get a read no dice..). i had 5 8 and when the flopp came i hadtwo pairs..5's and 7's. he pushed me all in and then we turned our cards over i had the weake
  13. i started to play poker in January 2008, trying to watch every poker game on t.v i could get my hands on.the first game i watched i found my two all time favorite poker players.. daniel negreanu, phil hellmuth.phil has very good reads, and that where i try to get my flavor from...lol. also his attitude is very hot!!!! lol then there's daniel . i have no clue how to describe daniel.... hmm he can be very interesting to watch play.. i love it..has anyone ever reads theses guys books they put out?and are they worth reading?
  14. when i've played hold 'em from time to time. i come across the one player who only goes on...how the other players bet. and not by how they see there opponents tell tells, if at all. i usually try to exploit that and usually get my way..with a good fold..(wink wink) do these players how them selves back, by only going by the bets that are laid down, or are they being safe?i was also wondering if at all..anyone can notice the cards that people look at first then react to when the flop or turn or river comes...how can you look for people who have definite reads and such..with out trying to give
  15. how did you make your stratgey, and how long did it take you to get up you confidence levels to be playing in public games..like in the casino's and stuff..
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