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  1. Shove. You get him to fold everything but a str8, which is an unlikely holding cause u have 2 10s. Plus you fold out hands like AJ Kj, and even some weakish Qs. imo its shove>fold>call.
  2. check turn imo. two calls on a paired board wud scare me. I don't think you get alot of value out of a 10 fwiw either. With position, makes river play easier.
  3. I doubt he's folding QJ J10, KJ or AJ, not to mention 99, 88. 55, or 76. call>fold>raise imo
  4. pretty good play here. Missed value on the AK hand, where IMO you should be betting 3 streets for value. He's a station remember.
  5. stop reading strat from the 1970s. While no one in todays games would make this statement, an interesting case could be AK or QQ/JJ etc.
  6. from? if you raise, you're gonna get shoved in on by semi-bluffs, or hands that beat us, and rarely get worse hands to call. If you flat, you give your self the chance to draw out when behind and let the player continue betting the worst of it. I think there is little value in raising here with 2nd pair.
  7. call and evaluate river. Probably calling a reasonable sized bet.I think its more likely you have him here, but theres no sense in raising.
  8. seems solid, but callin the river might be -ev.
  9. hand 1, I bet all 3 streets. If you get a river raise...well thats a tough spothand 2, Im 3 betting/gettin it in on the flop most of the time. With the gin turn card, it should be c/c, and probably donk the river depending on what it is.
  10. hate the call pf. this is -ev. I wouldnt even 3 bet this, and I have a wide 3 betting range.
  11. its not standard. nothing in CTS' game is standard. Alot of what he does has to do with table dynamics, gameflow and metagame. He's playing his opponents view of him more then the cards. Something that can only be done against a thinking opponent. Dont get it twisted
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