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  1. Does anyone here live in NYC? I'm newly divorced and back into playing and would like to try to find some games in the city (Manhattan/Brooklyn). Mostly looking for 1-2 NL or $100/$200 tourneys. Any help would be appreciated. I looked on homepokergame.com but not sure that I really trust anything on there. Thanks
  2. If my math is right, his final bet leaves him with $1.25. That strikes me as odd for his line. If he made the (nut) flush I think he'd put it all in. Sounds like he's bluffing... I think in this game, unless you have a really good read, you gotta call.
  3. 26-19-14I have a bunch of ones that could swing... and of course in most of the ties somebody will eventually cash so that's where most people will swing.
  4. Sorry, maybe i should clarify... i'm talking in the early levels.If you see a huge over-push early in these things it's almost never a super strong hand... i believe doubling up early in these is worth the risk and you will almost never find yourself dominated. Most "smart" players aren't going to open-push or re-raise a 3x's the BB bet by pushing in.... you'll find most of your donks are slow-play maniacs with their big hands... These low buy-ins are waiting games and you have to catch some cards (especially if you're playing the turbos). You're not going to see that many good hands. I'd
  5. Don't be scared to call all-ins with AK... you're probably giving up way too much value in your AK hands in the early stages. Someone said above that people are like "it's only 2.20 soooo allll-in"... which is completely true... If it's heads up i'm never laying down AK at any point during a sit n go when it's all-in preflop... you are VERY rarely dominated and most of the time you are dominating or in a coin-flip. And you just gotta win some coin flips sometimes. Depending on how the opponent has played the first round of hands i might call with AQ as well... I will lay down down AK if i r
  6. I STRONGLY agree with the 1.75/18's and the 3.25/45's... hey maybe all you donkeys are playing in them lately so that's why i haven't been doing so well!I need to check my ROI but it's usually pretty good in them... i'll also play the 6.50/18's too when i feel like playing outside the BR... I don't reccomend the 6.50/45's because first is only $84... first for the 18's is $42 i believe... so you have to beat 27 more people and only get double the money...
  7. Interesting... what site do you typically play on? I've found the 2-4 and 3-6 limits at stars have a lot less 3-betting and capping without premium hands... which may possibly be why i do better at 3-6 than 1-2 because i open up my range and people respect my bets more. Not sure though...
  8. If this was a 2-4 or 3-6 game i'd say you were up against AA or QQ...since it's at .25-.50 stakes people are going to three-bet with a lot more starting hands...Therefore i think you could be up against AQ and you gotta call it down, but the cap on the flop scares me.Take your medicine.
  9. Why did you 3-bet the flop then check the turn and river? That makes no sense to me.
  10. the Krups panini maker looks like an Xbox...so yeah... 89 pages and i never knew there was a dedicated Pens topic. The Penguins-Flyers game at Beaver stadium will never happen in a million years... Penn St. will never let their precious field be used for anyting but football. The Special Olympics wanted to use the stadium one year and was denied. You think they'd let them put ice on it? hahahaha... If it ever happened i'd go see it though...Go Pens
  11. Especially since i've played a million of those tourneys... insta-hellmuth-call
  12. so many great lines just in that one scene...-How you feelin' Mac?-GOOD ENOUGH TO F*** YOUR MUUU-THER!!!
  13. Side question:If it was folded around to you on the button do you raise with KQs and an M of 14 (soon to be 10)?
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