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  1. I made a post about 2 months ago, and the replies on it truly changed how i looked at poker from then on. the thread might be gone, but the overall theme is IF YOU CANNOT BEAT BAD PLAYERS, HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO BEAT AVERAGE OR ABOVE-AVERAGE PLAYERS...and so my thread. I have seen a few replies regarding some issues about this subject but never a thread fully devoted to the topic.(this post involves NLHE f.y.i.)I am a micro-limit player. I buy-in to a poker site for the minimum, or maybe double the minimum, then grind out the sng's or ring games to make a little dough and hope to move up. i
  2. thanks for replies. after i read my post, i started thinking along the lines of what is posted thereafter.
  3. I need something to nudge me to the next level; all of this discussion about bankroll management worries me though.i have read/listened to too many bankroll management discussions and am cautious about my venture into high-limits. let me explain.i play in a weekly home game, $10 buy in freeze-out, and lately, i have been doing fairly poor in that avenue, but i blame that on just poor luck. usually, i am the bubble boy, and just get eliminated on a drunk players poor call. overall, im up as far as winning, i have just been put in poor spots/unlucky. i dont mind losing though. i play on FTP
  4. i remember, several years ago, i was hesistant to play a 3 dollar freezeout because of the buy in(too steep!)and then when i finally decided to play, bluffing away all my chips on the 2nd hand with GARBAGE. that was lesson #1. the other bad donk play i made, thinking my top pair was good against a board like 8-9-10-J-6 when the player was making small bets on the flop and so forth.and that was lesson #2
  5. hahaha sklansky...i thought 7-card stud for advanced players was riveting and engaging compared to other sklansky books like the theory of poker.
  6. certainly you have potential; if you bankroll consistently increases, and you feel like you did not just get lucky every time, you are doing something right.in addition, swings are very common in any no limit game; what takes skill is avoiding losing your entire bankroll on several hands. as mentioned several times, bankroll management is key. i am new to playing online but i have been playing live tournaments for a couple of years and i never bothered to manage my winnings(however small they may be.) there is a podcast from full tilt where chris ferguson discusses his personal challenge of
  7. he's right. 2 weeks ago I wrote a 10 page paper on legislation in the past 40 years that makes internet gambling an illegal venture. damn legalese!
  8. mine loves it when i come home with 300. i can then "buy" her "stuff."she talks **** when i come home -100...or more.
  9. when in a poker game, if im after a big-raise pre-flop, and a friend(a specific friend) guesses my hand, i fold. he is folded, and although i didnt ask him he jokingly says "oh he has A-J..." and...i usually fold because A) the raise was giant, so im at least against a decent pocket pair or...a hand similar to mine.. everytime he has called it, i have folded AND WOULD HAVE LOST. these werent total garbage hands. k-j, A-q...i folded JJ one time.
  10. basically a 6 C-D level hip hop musicians, djs, r+B singers, etc play cards. the most famous person i saw was Ruben Studdard.i know its filmed in NYC. in chicago its on sundays at midnight on WCIU(transmission channel 26.) its...just...awful. the first episode I watched in full but I wish I could get that hour back. I described it to my friends as a bunch of 20-somethings acting as stubborn as a 10 year old kid in a toy store.there was one hand...this dude had 3-8 off, and he raises, this girl(some girl assoiated with fat joe or something) re-raised with q-9...and btw position is irrelev
  11. sounds like the dealer should be fired. or at least go throuhg another hand ranking seminar. hahasplits can be tricky but in that case it is not... a set loses to a flush in hold'em(im assuming thats what was played)
  12. i came here to ask if anybody knew any website that portrayed some technical/legal knowledge of the new law and i found it right at the top of the thread listing.
  13. everyone at some point or another has said sometihng insulting to another poker player on an online site. i have, i never curse, or call people names, but i do insult plays that were made. i just figure, if the boats/casinos wouldnt stand for it, then dont say anything.i used to play world championship poker on my ps2(the first one) and people with microphones would get fired up. lets just say, racial slurs are a plenty. my character looks asian, although i am not and my player has been referred to in my derogatory names for asians.
  14. i've read the quotes, the article, etc. i am not too worried about it. its a form of collusion in my book. you would thinking tutoring by johnny chan, collusion might have come up. what i am worried about is amateurs watching this adopting his style...telling people that they have a strong hand. after watching the wsop this evening, i saw 2 instances where gold scolded people for calling him when he admitted he had strong hands. from what i've learned in the past few years of card playing is to tell an opponent what you have is...not that profitable. and not poker(in this case.) i also
  15. i watched that WSOP circuit event with him, and really wanted to see him go down at the WSOP. so far no mention.he said he was donating 40% of his circuit event winnings to...something...buidling a church in vietnam or something. he was just a prick and made some very poor calls. but then again, who am i to say, hes the one who won 500k.
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