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  1. Hi Daniel,I know you know the Leafs a lot better than I do, so this reply is coming from a Sharks fan looking in.In my opinion, many of your points are valid in the blog entry, however I don't think goaltending is really the root of the problem for the Leafs.Look at how well Toskala played in San Jose, http://www.nhl.com/ice/player.htm?id=84621...avid=nhl-searchHe has done really poorly when he has played as a Leaf. Did he just become a poor goaltender overnight? I don't think so. Also: The Hall of Fame Game I watched against the Red Wings confirmed to me that Monster can be great in goal,
  2. 7 Card Stud High ($2/$4), Ante $0.40, Bring-In $0.50 (converter)3rd Street - (1.40 SB)Seat 1: xx xx J foldsSeat 2: xx xx 6 foldsSeat 4: xx xx K foldsSeat 5: xx xx 4 brings-inHero: 8 A A callsSeat 7: xx xx T callsSeat 8: xx xx J folds4th Street - (2.15 SB)Seat 5: xx xx 4 3 foldsHero: 8:spade: A A 9 betsSeat 7: xx xx T 3 calls5th Street - (2.08 BB)Hero: 8:spade: A A 9 9 betsSeat 7: xx xx T 3 3 calls6th Street - (4.08 BB)Hero: 8 A A 9 9 5 betsSeat 7: xx xx T 3 3 8 raisesHero...?Villain is a relative unknown, we just sat down about 20 hands ago, but he seems to be in mo
  3. ^ Never by the river.Except perhaps AAAA2 board and you have 22.
  4. You said SB was the agro machine preflop, not BB!!! With this new info, I lean toward 3 betting the turn since his hand range is so big, and a flopped set is not as likely in his 3 betting preflop range.
  5. I don't mind the flop bet since you think your hand is good, but when he check/calls the flop which contains absolutely no draws, you have to shut it down on the turn and go into check/fold mode.Just because your hand got counterfeited doesn't mean you have to bluff!
  6. Welcome back.IMO the best way to make money at games as low as $10 NL is to let people overbet into you a bunch and just call mostly, or minraise (minraise will be big on their huge bets)
  7. I'd fold preflop.On the flop, I like a bet/call line. Whether I improve on the turn or not I'm donk betting. If he raises, I 3-bet two pair, call down with trips, and I fold or call down without improvement depending on reads.
  8. I just want to make sure... If the flop comes T 8 4 and BB checks, CO bets, we raise with 33 right?
  9. You could definitely fold this preflop but calling isn't terrible either... The rest of the hand is fine, with a call on the river of course.Curious though, what if the turn is the 7 , we check, and he bets $84? Then what do we do?
  10. No not ideally but we don't know our hand isn't good on the flop, and we bet the flop because it quite possibly could be good. The way the rest of the hand played out is just how it's going to go down sometimes, other times we will have the best hand and both BB and CO will fold because they have no draw either, for example.
  11. I play it the same, this hand is not as interesting to me or as controversial compared to the others you have posted before this one.Next time though I'd hope if it's just a flop question that you don't post any of the action after that decision because it is very apparent that playing it the way you did on the flop probably maximized value based on results.If you still want to show the other portions of the hand or ask for further discussion on the turn for example, you can always post just the action to the flop first, create discussion, then when you are satisfied with the dicussion that ha
  12. This board has absolutely no draws so I think you're tied with one of them for the lead in the best case scenario, and plenty of times someone has AA or a set. Although I don't quite understand why BB would repop it here ever.
  13. The only other lines I can think of are check/call flop, lead turn (which I like)Or check/call down which is likely going to be calling his all-in on the river if he bets every street, in which case, I like check/raise flop better if we're going with this hand.
  14. Do we think check/raising this flop is a spew? It's 6-handed so his 3-betting range preflop in position might be fairly wide and include some hands we are ahead of like 88, 99, TT, AQ? Also, he might be a nit and fold a better hand thinking we have a king...
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