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  1. I like it when people come in and argue about something that is literally one of the most standard things in live poker.You're right, there's not a single other place that would've redone the flop. They would have ALL done it. The exact same way. The same way it happened in the bowling alley. It's completely fair to everyone. If the flop had come out with 3 diamonds, you wouldn't be complaining, but they'd take that flop back and put out a new one just like they're supposed to.
  2. With my first post in 8+ months on this site, I'd just like to take the time to call akashenk a moron for all of the reasons that people have already pointed out. I look forward to the pointless insults he tries to throw my way for my stellar contributions to this thread.Ian, Irishguy said "smarmy" a couple of pages ago first, so it is likely just carry over.
  3. I don't know how FR plays online. I think 89s & T8s are really really likely hands for him to flat there. Q9s maybe less so, but I don't know. As for the blinds squeezing, I'm sure that's much less common in FR than 6m, less likely with only one caller to squeeze and even less likely when the original raise comes from EP. Those three things would lead me to guess that squeezing is unlikely.He may be less likely to shove a missed draw since all of the draws missed, but that's what makes them missed draws. The fact that nothing got there also means that we bricked a draw a fair amount.
  4. I don't think you're ever going to be shown T9/AT more than 75% of the time the way this hand plays out. If the board is rainbow, I could see a reasonable case for it, but 3-1 is still a really good price.It doesn't matter that most of his FDs are combo draws like Q9hh, 89hh, T8hh, Axhh, he can't profitably call the river with any of them. Also your bet sizing does not encourage him to fold the turn, so he could even have something like KTs and with your larger sizing on the river, he realizes that it's likely not good and turns it into a bluff.Even if you don't give him any value hands wors
  5. He's repping exactly T9hh or AThh (I mean WTF do people ever slowplay on that board, especially for both the flop and turn?) and not raising those hands OTF is pretty horrible since so little of your value range wants to fold that flop and you probably don't barrel that texture with air a ton. He could even have a weirdly played KQ or some other value hand or even **gasp!** a missed draw or worse made hand that he's now turning into a bluff. Folding here seems really really REALLY bad if you are asking, especially getting better than 3-1.
  6. This is a trivial jam. We are not that deep. He can certainly have worse hands and any hand he plays like this, be it a set or a draw, two pair or a better straight is never getting folded. Presumably there isn't going to be an AK out there, so if he's got K9 - oh well we got coolered. Just jam, get max value out of whatever his hand is and don't worry if we happen to be behind.
  7. Had a good run, played a ton of small pots and somehow never actually got it in bad vs anyone. Had a couple of flips and then this gem for my 460k stack:
  8. They never played hands with it and players were exaggerating things:
  9. They get enough already. But I guess the more they get, the more I get. That's gotta be a good thing
  10. I know I don't post here much anymore. I made day 2A with 73k and made day 3 with 303,700. A bunch of other guys who used to post here are playing 2B today including Fluff and Loosh. GL to everyone still in!
  11. I'm not sure if I'm more worried for you that you chose to search that on YouTube or if you found it to be your most useful resource.
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