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  1. I never thought my thinking was that far advanced than the people here. I assumed there would be poker fanatics on this forum who really understood every aspect of poker. All I keep seeing is math, math, math. +/- EV and so on and nothing else, just like everybody else at my poker table who constantly talk about that. I eat those people for lunch at my table. This forum isnt worth my time. Most of you are on the same level as any other "follow the math only" players I encounter in person. This is the absolute last post I ever make on this dead forum. Bye bye idiots!
  2. Math is 100% everything in poker and all LMAO!!! You must not play much live. Did Stu Ungar call an all in for 80% of his own stack with 10 high and win when he knew his opponents hand was weaker that one time?. Because math was involved there???? Math tells you put 80% of your stack on the line calling an all in with 10 high?
  3. Yes I have a massive lack of understanding fhe fundamentals. Internet talkers are willing to fly here! Please tell me more!
  4. Because a view on 1 or 2 shitty players means thats my overall view on poker. God I would LOVE to play vs people on here.
  5. I got a wife and a baby on the way along with my job. I dont have the time or will to travel to "prove to internet people in poker". They are more than welcome to come to my area. I simply talk about how I know 1 guy inside and out in his poker thinking. Again: ONE Guy... number is 1, aka one. ONE guy that Iv played with many times who always shows his hands. And it seems people dont understand this. ONE familiar guy who always gives me information. And of you wont make moves on such an easy target? Then no way you are profitable.
  6. The top pros are playing vs pros. Im playing in a room of idiots. 90% is easy. These idiots in my room probably would pwn the idiots bashing me.
  7. I dont play online poker i dont have a record to show you. You can play online simulated cards being in multiple tournaments at a time on 6 different screens where you cant see your opponent and they cant see you, etc. Play a live game is where you are put to the test. I play live on average 2-3 days a week at about 3-8 hours per day. I accept your challenge and willingness to fly here. But we all know that just a bunch of "big talk and nonsense running of your words"
  8. Sure, fly over to Detroit play in same tournament as me and I make it farther than you every time. Willing to bet you dont make one final table out of 3 tries in 3 different 70 player tournaments.
  9. You kids are like the other idiots or "average joes" who "know a lot about poker" but never make final table and then bash my poker play. I make final table 90% of the time for cash win. First places here and there and some 3-4 way splits. Its comical. You are poker players like the "average joe" at the table. Lot of words and no results. GTFO idiots.
  10. In the meanwhile I will make my profit from winning many tournaments while you idiots chatter about me.
  11. You would get destroyed. You have a small chance of winning. It would take a suckout for you to have any hope. You cant comprehend the fact that I stated I know this certain person inside and out and his every move. I also stated that I wouldnt have done that vs the rest of my current table. If you cant understand any of this, I cant imagine you are a good poker player.
  12. AK, AQ, AJ, A10, KQ, QQ, JJ If he has QJ, J10 10/10, 99, 88, 77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22, A/anything suited he limps or calls a small preflop raise but never makes the raises. AA he has always bet super heavy preflop, either 50% or all in, he never gets calls and always shows his AA after. I thought hed go heavier with KK preflop. If he misses flop, any raise gets him to lay down. If he has big pair like JJ and QQ He wont call a huge raise if he dont hit a set This guy never bluffs, he always shows his cards everytimeime hes in a hand (lolfish) and plays tight. Wi
  13. Because this guy was a regular who iv played with many times. I know how he plays and how he thinks. He consistently makes final tables but always goes out very early in final table due to everyone knows his play. Never seen him make final 6.
  14. It was midway through. And I wouldnt have played this hand vs most the other players at my table. Lot of idiot calling stations thats hard to bluff. But very easy to take them out when I hit good hands. (We are talking guys who call any raise with Ace, anything type hands.)
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