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  1. To reiterate a previous point, forums are there for everyone and it's up to a reader to learn from it.You can't just read a forum and get better. You can think you can, but you'll lose money. You have to read information, and then apply it. If you don't apply it, which the majority of forum readers don't, you're not going to get any better.Basically, if x and y read this forum, x could easily be a much better player than y.
  2. I'm a man of my word:"Luck of Learning"All the best:)
  3. Ill edit this when I can properly type, but for now...complacency noun a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harderI think you're like, "heh, I have $x extra so can afford to lose it"
  4. Can't aim much higher than that.Congratuations.
  5. Email them directly at support@absolutepoker.net at least once a dayThat's what I did. Also you can just like request them from inside the application automatically
  6. Right, look.When you learn to play poker, you have to be lucky in that your first experiences are not ones of coolers and bad beats. If they are, your future poker decisions will be so detrimentally affected by this that you will lose so much value! You are going to run bad at times. We all have. The important thing is not to let it make you get "monster under the bed syndrome", where you think they always have it.There's a great post on 2+2 that illustrates this, but I can't find it at the moment. It's bookmarked on a PC I don't have access to atm, and won't for about two weeks. If you haven'
  7. I have no idea how much money I made (or lost, but pfft... lost?) at poker this month.
  8. this is the happiest day of my life
  9. Since people are posting run good graphs, I'll be a little different and post a screen shot instead.The gentleman sat opposite me was very kind to donate 8.5 buy-ins to me. If you're reading this thread, thank you, sir.
  10. I get Rob in the first round?! One of us has to goooooI knew you hated Brits. Well I left you a comment on Facebook. Sure Rob will do the same. Oh, wait...
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