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  1. both sites are pretty much interchangeable imo, however ease/reliability of cashouts tends to tip the scales to stars.
  2. 2:50 and I still see no players and no tables-------------------------arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  3. still nothing for me. Don't know how I will get thru work today!!
  4. I logged on this morning and there were no tables. Just got on again and 0 players and no tables.
  5. I would probably be up for this, more than likely as an army of one. Unless, of course a suitable partner presents his or herself.
  6. Out of 200K, KK<AA<88sometimes I just want to break something!
  7. only in the $200K, 6890 at the break.
  8. You've already put 1/2 your stack in, no choice but to call and load up a new one IMO.I think you would have been better to push the flop in this situation and put the decision in his hands.
  9. in and out of deepstackin $5 15kin 200kprobably some others
  10. Heads up now, he had a 3.5:1 cl, give or take a few, til the Krablar rears it's beautiful head.*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to clingfree [3s Ks]ezthatsme: raises 15000 to 18000clingfree: calls 15000*** FLOP *** [2s Tc 6s]clingfree: checks ezthatsme: bets 27000clingfree: raises 77646 to 104646 and is all-inezthatsme: calls 77646*** TURN *** [2s Tc 6s] [4s]*** RIVER *** [2s Tc 6s 4s] [Ah]*** SHOW DOWN ***clingfree: shows [3s Ks] (a flush, King high)ezthatsme: shows [Td Qd] (a pair of Tens)clingfree collected 245892 from pot*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 245892 | Rake 0 Board [2s Tc 6s 4s Ah]Seat 7: ezthats
  11. gg I_foldI'm 4/8 in tourn 120822226sn clingfree if anyone is interested
  12. I usually avg about 45-50 hands per hour per table at full ring. Last nite was about 30 hph, couldn't understand why everyone was taking their time.
  13. Olberman should have stuck to Sports Center, since he left I have come to realize what a complete moron he is.
  14. FTR, Bush has not used the EO any more than presidents that have come before him. To date, he has issued 262 EOs, Clinton had over 300 and FDR had nearly 5000.But of course, Bush deserves the blame for all who came before him.
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