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  1. This. I like her strategy for sure......if she had done it about 2 weeks later.
  2. That's pretty cool. I thought I wasn't going to get any status this month because of vacation. I guess it's worth it to grind the 750 vpps in the few days I will have to play poker
  3. Depends on what country you live in. And fwiw, I'd be looking for a site with no solid players.
  4. Quick question for anybody in Canada that has received chips or a hat. Has anybody had to pay duties/taxes on this stuff? If not, I'll send it to my work.
  5. Can I give you a different address? I'm going on vacation for about 3 weeks. I'd hate for them to get sent back after sitting for too long
  6. Haha, exactly!**he was the other co-host of Idol that quit after the first season because he thought Simon was too mean to the young contestants. Now he's a complete nobody and everybody who touched that show are stinking rich
  7. I can't stand her either. Like it almost makes the show unwatchable.
  8. HostRindersP [Commentator]: superjeff13 was the big winner in this hand, collecting $375.00!!!I would still rather be Highwaystarfcp tho.
  9. The IP is what it is - a place to sleep. People either despise it or can deal with it. If you want a nice room, def not the place for you.
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