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  1. Is online poker still vibrant? Do top pros still play online? If so, where?
  2. Hello fellow poker hounds: Any of you do the paid subscription for Club WPT? Gimme the Pros & Cons, the skinny, the scoop, the 411!!!
  3. So...i'm attempting to get my cash from Sportsbook. First, they tell me that my bank won't except a wire transfer and my only option is via check in 6-8 weeks. Has anyone ever received a check from them and it cashed? Is this the standard no matte what gambling site i use?
  4. Ok...so why do i keep hearing people say they wish we can play online in the US? Is Carbon, Sportsbook and Bovada not online?
  5. Umm...i thought you couldn't play for real cash there anymore???
  6. Your opinion is appreciated. Where's the best place to play & get paid out without any drama? I'm in the US.Sportsbook?Bovado?Is WSOP site worth the $20/month?
  7. Since you can no longer play for real money on Poker Stars. Any suggestions on another site to try?
  8. So...while watching WSOP...i noticed they put the WSOP earnings of the players. 1. Is that the money they've earned from various sites and cash games?2. Or is that money won on the WSOP site in and of itself?3. What online sites are these guys playing on to win several 100's of thousand to a couple million dollars a year?4. Are they taking the money from their first big win and traveling on a circuit?
  9. So...is Poker Stars a skin or a proprietary site?
  10. Okay I'm kinda new...so forgive if I ask a novice question:1. I have a sportsbook account....does that mean I automatically have a Merge account?2. I keep hearing "Merge" what is it? Is there a website?
  11. Anyone out there play in the sportsbook or bodog rooms? If so, give your thoughts.
  12. How do we find out other FCP events? Are they posted daily some where?
  13. LOL! you right about the solid players. I live in the US
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