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  1. yeah i bought it yesterday. i mainly play 55 turbo sngs on FT so im lookin to sheets for some inspiration.
  2. anyone here a member of PokerXFactor? Just want to know your thoughts etc... on this tool.thanks, mark
  3. ok. kid has zero social skills, hangs with his mom all day, and will never get laid.not something to be proud of.social skills/sex > spelling bee champ
  4. unbelievably card deadno face cards at all
  5. thanks for the support guys, gonna need it.
  6. ty sir. drinks on me collins after a win here.
  7. 1/18 in the 15k gtd tourny #20653474im mcdonk
  8. MINE TOO!!! HOW CRAZZZZY IS THAT?????seriously though, why have a watchmaker do the bracelets?
  9. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross @ the watchstrap
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