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  1. – Tue Apr 12, 2:25 am ETSEOUL, South Korea – South Korean police say they've arrested a farmer for allegedly hiding about $10 million in cash in a garlic field. Police say his relatives made the money by running an illegal Internet gambling site.Police said Tuesday they've confiscated the money the farmer buried in his field in Gimje, about 160 miles (260 kilometers) south of Seoul.Police say the farmer, surnamed Lee, was arrested Monday.They say Lee's two brothers-in-law — one in prison and the other on the run — had asked him to hide the money.Police gave no further details, including what c
  2. I don't want to talk about Daniel, or any specific person because it's their business, but, I have a question about being sponsored. Suppose Joe Blough had a Poker Stars deal. They put him in tournys and he wears their logo. Pretty common, I think. If it's say a $5,000 buy in, and Old Joe takes home $12,000, does he have to pay back the five? Or, does he keep what he can take from the game.I'm pretty sure there are as many different deals as there are deals, I'm just asking a general question.
  3. I think one of my biggest mistakes is in not re-raising enough. Looking at my game I'm pretty sure I should be stuffing raises back at them instead of just calling with hands I want to play most of the time. A lot of bluffs can be exposed by re-raising with playable hands.
  4. Yup, I fat fingered it.Still, you should take a look. If you play those kind of games it's a good place for the mobney to go.
  5. I read somewhere that when a guy count's out his singles instead of putting the bigger chips in it means he's probably weak and doesn't expect to see the singles again, just splashing the pot in case he hits.
  6. Phil probably has a half mil on Lisandro.
  7. The only place I see as being useful is for split games or pot limit where it would be faster and easier for the machine to keep track. I seldom see O8 games being spread because of the lack of decent dealers.
  8. I heard that Jeff Goldbloom fell off a rock on the set of a movie and fell 60 feet to his death today, too.
  9. This pretty much has to mean that Stars has discovered that they are plagued with bots. They wouldn't do this if it was just a few.
  10. This is Dr. Pauly's page...how and where to eat during the WSOP...seems pretty comprehensive to me.http://taopoker.blogspot.com/
  11. I wonder if Antonio and Laak will ever STFU?All I hear when Laak chatters on endlessly is roh gor fuh roh roh roh HAHAHAHAHAHA.The two of them prattle on like a couple of old bitches over the fence.
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