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  1. Jerome Iginla, just watch you will all see, and when he gets the award ill say i told you so!
  2. Yea im sorry was I talking to you? who are you? should i be impressed?
  3. hey, I thought this might be the best way to get ahold of you, just wondering if you are playing again this year? I know its next week and ill be on the rail and I was hoping i could get a chance to meet you and watch you play (im a big fan). If your not gonna play id love to sit for you i got no problem making you and i some cash, and keeping the crown in Canada! I recently just moved down to Vancouver, I played in a couple satellites but ran into some bad luck. The $2700 buyin is a little out of my budget at the moment but i got $500 that im gonna take to the cash tables and try and make a
  4. www.youtube.com , its way better then channel 5
  5. what was the end result of this hand?did he have the royal draw and connect?
  6. Has to be tax, How much do you have to win for there to be tax taken off something?
  7. I cannot wait for that 2 week break. Olympic hockey is the best, its gonna be pretty intense this go around with all the young talent all over the world!
  8. haha thanks for the laugh, rampage is hilarious
  9. Well i just got home from the casino. Cashed out for $466(+266) couple intresting hands.... (1/2NL)I was the SB with 10d7d, 2 limpers, i limped, BB raised to $6 everyone calls... flop - 10s8c7s.. i led out for $15, BB calls, fold, fold... turn 4h.. i bet $35, BB shoves for $60 more.. i went into the tank and theres no time button so i had 1 minute to act. So i called and the river came a 7h... he showed 10 8. yay i sucked out huge! I was BB with AcQc, the button made it $10, then the SB raised to $30, I called and so did the button.. flop - Qh9h6h, the SB led out 50$, i thought and thought abo
  10. Well there's Kelowna, that has about & 120,000 1/2 hour away, Kamloops 110,000, & 1 hour away, and then a bunch of of little towns with like 10, 20k. Its called the Sunny Okanagan Valley. Some of the best golf courses in Canada, warm clean lakes, 3 ski hills and some good beer too, If youve ever had Okanagan Springs or Sleemans its brewed here.Vernon is about 4 1/2 hours from Vancouver, which is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics they got about 3 million
  11. maybe not little but its not big.
  12. Angling This is characterized as any acting out of turn. It is considered angling when any player folds or bets out of turn. A player who uses constant angling is known as an "angle shooter". Angling is used to make opponents bet or fold differently to that if they didn't know what the anglers play was. For example, if the angler signals to bet before his turn, other players to the angler's right react by not betting or perhaps even folding. When the round reaches the angler, the angler announces that he or she is not interested in betting after all, or winning a hand due to the opponents fold
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