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  1. no Jerry Yang? i know he was trying to get in. no Jamie Gold either, that's a good thing tho.as far as the matchups i'd love to see Liv Boeree v Kara Scott. gives new meaning to the term yum yum!
  2. reg'ing now so i don't miss & i suck, 28th lol.
  3. i miss halo, i need to get another xbox 360 but i dunno if i'd ever play
  4. tyty. hope you guys had good days as well. i need to grind tourneys more, it's just such a grind tho.
  5. gl & keep grinding everyone. i finished 27th in a $5 turbo w/7577 players, cashed in the QM and won a $4 180. my small tourney rush is over!!!!
  6. zomg lots of little stuff for me today. haven't tourney rushed in forever it feels like. hopefully today is fun!
  7. ty for posting. watching a drunk player like that is kinda like watching a train wreck. you know what's gonna happen but you can't turn away. my favorite line was 'life is like a magical freeroll anyways' lol
  8. couldn't get home in time to play this week, i'm bummed.and it takes time but the drcrossack's of the world move on all on their own, this guy will be no exception. he'll get people a few times and then everyone will wise up n stop. the complaint is justified but the problem will take care of itself in due time. and if for some reason he doesn't go away, ban him. i see the kid didn't even use the $11 to play in the neg-o lol - epic string of $1.75 tourneys coming!
  9. nice stats Daniel! should be a fun match to watch between you and isildur when it happens
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