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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17EKK4moJOs
  2. Obviously Coward Folderer and Annie Puke know how you feel about them. Play the game with him. If people choose to accept him back then let it be. Its not up to you whether he should play in the game or not. His reputation is runined and 90% of poker players know what he is really like. Just get on with the game and let the vendetta be. If you are in a group of people who feel the same as you then confront him at the table. If you do it on your own with people who are his friends with Lederer around him and playing then you will look like a fool. Its a tricky situation and he will get his shar
  3. Hi guys, just seen the company that runs full tilt Pocket Kings is currently hiring in Ireland again for Online operations. Maybe all home is not lost to get your money back. Perhaps an investor has bought it. http://www.eatmystack.co.uk/1472/rumours-g...-starts-hiring/ The jobs are on jobs.ie . Anyone have any further insight into this?
  4. Look at 0.18 in the video, remind you of anyone?
  5. Id take if off for a while on play on pokerstars or sites like william hill and ladbrokes for a while. I don't trust full tilt at all with thier customer service the worst I've ever seen and sometimes it could take a month or longer to cash out to your bank accout. Also weren't full tilt customers getting extra charges on bank cards and credit cards there a while back?
  6. Why did your friends play on them sites in the first place? Every knew that these sites are the most dodgy sites on the net with all the scandal over the years. Only site's I trust are William Hill poker, Ladbrokes poker, Paddy Power Poker and Pokerstars.All the rest are dodgy as hell!
  7. can someone just clear this up for me, im from Ireland. Is it illegal for players in the usa to play online and can thier be any legal charges brought against people for playing? or is just hard for ye to get money on and off?thanks
  8. www.pokerstars.com is now down with the warning message
  9. yes u can and also hold-em manager send me a pm
  10. I actually call the clock on myself in casino's in cash games sometimes to get a read on the other player. It really annoys them
  11. Any else thinks viffer looks like a ferret? And for an irish person laak cannot handle his vodka. 6 vodkas and he's in the horrors as they said on PAD lol
  12. 1) If reraised all in with aces obviously call2) If you dont understand hand odds I would learn or give up online poker3)I dont mean to be ignorant but thanks for sharing that bad beat story with the lag.
  13. At least you agree with me but don't believe that response for a second. I studied programming and that BS about having feelings or whatever is nonsense. It lags because it has to calculate which cards it needs to give a bad beat to someone.As i said before it only happens in sit n go's and NEVER happens in cash games. Bad beats also do happen without that lag and doesnt fustrate me because of variance but this lag is just a joke. Anyone have any other theories please let me know!
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