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  1. Its .01/.02 I jam that in there preflop every single time
  2. I fire again here, it seems likely that he has TT or JJ in this spot and he may push a turn bet.
  3. Doesn't really seem like he has a Q down really... he was middle position with 2 kings (odds against one of you having a pair or them) and a T so he should have raised his QQ in this spot. I think its more likely that he has a hand like QJT or something like that and he paired his Q and is hoping you will fold.
  4. Its raise or fold here.. depending on your view oh his hand range, if he has a hand like AT or AJ he might lay it down to your big raise. My theory on hands like this.... you're probably not drawing dead lol but then again i'm a huge donk
  5. I usually play 9s or better down and jacks or better split... but I play fairly tight
  6. Any particular reason you didnt re-raise pre-flop? I probly flat call on the flop as well and re-evaluate on the turn. But as you played it I dont think you can call on that turn with JJ without the diamond even though that bet looks fishy.
  7. How do you not bet this turn? His hand is vulnerable in this spot. If another spade falls, he wont be able to call a river bet, they board could pair which could put him in all kinds of trouble if the villian has a hand like KQ. I bet that turn 100% of the time.
  8. Simo, thats probably my favorite post i've ever read on this site.
  9. Its not terribly unlikely that he has a hand like 66 here I guess... I probly muck my A-5 here.
  10. Seems like he has a hand like QT of hearts here
  11. I three bet here, if he caps it I play the river cautiously
  12. Yeah definatly seems like AA to me. You've invested quite a bit of money in the pot already so I probly make the call here and hope he doesn't have the A high draw as well and if he doesn't then you have a lot of outs.
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