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  1. havent' logged into this site in months but had to once I found out who wonwell congrats don't know you personally but wow whats it like being a millionire before you can spend it all on hookers n blow?
  2. Ugh you're pre raise is way too big just raise to 2-2.2k. As played snap call him.
  3. without an extreme read I'd never 3-bet pre. The turn bet is bad too.
  4. surprised no one said poker yetmy answer: popular people and Michael Jackson
  5. what can I say, I'm a chaser. I'm not going to let the money go that I feel I shouldn't have been part of in the first place. at the river fk it if I got my pair to fold it. since MP3 is the only one showing strength, he can still be doing this with the Ah. who cares what the other 2 players have. If they haven't woke up with something that beats our 2 pair before the river they are retarded.
  6. there's plenty of reasons and those are #2-9
  7. idk I bet cold calling a 4-bet with ak is prob marginal at best. sick as that sounds, i dump it pre. I call the flop and I call the turn, check/ call the river.
  8. I raise it up too look at their door cards got babies and 2 tens.as for what he has?I would say prob gut shot broadway. maybe 3 clubs.people don't really pay attention to if you pair your door card lol...he's still thinking i got cool broadways.I'm going to give it up on 5th unless you hit an oesd.then I check and try to get to show down cheap.start betting if you double pair up and he blanks.
  9. Adam Jones off Tool I know he's not one of the greatest to most but he is to me. And shoot where is Stevie Ray and lol at Prince being number 2 and Hendrix only at 10
  10. looks like a pretty easy fold i know they shouldn't have a set very often if there was a raiser here I'd be like hell ya get it in but since they both limped they won't have a tard OP too often... but uhhh idk I want to shove though cus you have a5 giving you added outs in case you are beat and taking away outs from the straight wraps hmmm plo noob here though can't wait to see other replies.
  11. meh just keep doing it and eventually it will work and you'll get a huge stack and donk someone out and coast to the ft lol...
  12. LOL today I actually played the .30 satellite usually don't play something like that but I was just reg'ing any tourney I could that was low limit.still in it with 3000 chips not much as happened.it'd be great to play a 5$ tourn with this many entrants.5$ for a top prize of 6-10k would be sick
  13. I'm pretty sure I missed something
  14. I agree with this but I think we can't count out any flopped set either.
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