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  1. only the best non biased reporting agency in the world obv. that you would say that being who and what you are , lmsafh
  2. this girl had the coolest dog ever, when we seperated I made the comment to a mutual friend about how I was going to miss that dog. not a good thing to say with any hopes of getting back together.
  3. is this thread going to turn into declare who it is that you really really hate in poker todayif so, i pick daniel , only because of his hatred of ppl that dont think like he does
  4. listening to him on Wed.he said something about filming Family Guy, you know anything about when that might air. i tried calling 800-282-2882 but never got thru. Cape Girardeau has a river wall that back in the day famous missourians / were depicted on the wall. Rush was on that wall but no longer is. I think that decision came about when they found out Rush had turned into a pill head. at least that was generating thru the rumor mill last time I was in town.edit~ i am a 24/7 subscriber so I feel nothing but love when i say pill head
  5. That just blew me away when I read that. I had you pictured as a fun loving guy who at most would think those guys were just a bunch of loud mouth stoopid f**ks. The only thing I can think of is that you were trying to express your disdain for the trio and ended up slapping waay too much paint on the picture.I listen to rush while I drive mostly for entertainment and there are times when I get 'embarrassed' for him and have to change the channel. other times I laugh out loud at the things that he says. but, hate. tell me you were drinking sake when that was laid to print
  6. Dems watch CNN ~ anti rush limbaugh and coRep watch FOX ~ anti barack obama (but its not because he is black)so that will fall into the catagory of what you are is what you watchthat might be painting a broad stoke of everyone but it is what it is
  7. lolly.gag.her


    once a upon a time Hardees used to serve chicken as part of the menumy mom told me they were better than kfc. i didnt believe her but tried it and was a believerwhat happen that they stopped making chicken. I tried emailing them for a response but have not heard from them as of todayalso, what is going on with kfc playing around with the grilled chicken. anyone tried it yet, if it takes off will they become kgcalso, hardees did good when they partnered up with red burrito. they do tacos better than taco bell.is their anyone who does not believe that statement?
  8. yeah, just hit me up on the aim also, if you cant do that just tweet something - if that aint possible , just throw a vid on youtube, or just fax meoh , good game.
  9. okay slurpe, real s l o w , just for you , that was in reference to h o w m u c h i t w o u l d t a k e , f o r D N t o e a t a b u r g e redit, i wonder how you feel right now , stooopid maybe?
  10. I went back a played the tape again for my co-workers and the debate was on why would that amount be specified and nothing short of that will do. is their a debt owed that is 147k? i think that is the reason but i have been known to be wrongjust for the record, i would eat a burger for 47 dollars, offer me 45 and see what happens
  11. this thread qualifies as one of the best this yeardaniel showed up to comment so some merit in that if you dont think so , w g a f
  12. i dont think you should determine when poster should go easy
  13. i am postive you are not qualified to make that statement
  14. i am not sure you are qualified to make that statement
  15. or if you dont trust clicking on that link , just type in bromeo and juliet on youtube.
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