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  1. he's not polarized. i can see him doing this with a queen and even a hand like 99. even still with that price you have to call since every single draw except 97 missed. plus when you bet $65 on the turn you're basically asking him to try and steal this on the river. short of hitting a hand you honestly couldn't have asked for a better turn and river.
  2. happy to hear it all James. you're a great dudegl in 12
  3. if i feel they can fold i shove turn toootherwise i'll call
  4. I would think this all is to your advantage, because you're good at poker and not just a hudbot.
  5. he could have like KdQd, just barreling with AK, and AA is always a possibilityI call a river shove though, tough for him to have a better hand and a lot of better one pairs (KQ/AK) will check on the river looking to induce on the missed diamonds
  6. lol I felt drained being down $10 in a ton of SNGs after 4 hoursafter 11 hours with strangers, Jesus Christ. torture.yeah easy river fold Jon, but maybe that was around the 8th hour and at that point you were zombified.
  7. very nice dudenow stop bullshitting me about those peanut butter bars costing too much money.
  8. played my first poker game tonight since April, 4 hours, -$10.solid bleed me dry lossrate.overall happy with how I played. we only played crapshoot SNGs, which sort of sucks, but I'm going to try and get this as a regular bi-weekly, maybe monthly, event and eventually broaden it to cash games. goes without saying that everyone sucks.I did lose to a chick HU. even though she got hit with the deck (who gets aces three times HU, like on the last hand when I hit top pair on the K72 flop) it's still embarrassing.
  9. just 3-bet imo, way harder to deal with out of position than you flatting
  10. James speaks from experience. I saw him play almost the identical hand against fighter, as James had 44 or 55 and fighter had the A3
  11. not holding breath.would be nice though; it'd pay for a new computer. so I could game. because I lost poker. assholes.
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