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  1. promising series if they keep it going, i like it more then franklin and bash and thats not easy!
  2. is this the merge 100K?
  3. ^ 94 degrees, sunny and f*cking 97% humidity it is hazy and hot in Atlanta
  4. am i the only one who thinks this multiway being OOP that we often times blow this pot up and have a sh*t time playing this a lot the time when we miss? i can def see just checking pre with a 50BB stack and going from there. Clearly the table is really LP, so why try to make them fold pre or on the flop when they are peeling us a ton? seems like the type of table pure vbetting will be insanely profitable againstif you decide to squeeze pre and cbet the flop, i think you have to be pushing the turn. we have some equity, and we should make a lot of PP's fold down even against LP's. I dont think
  5. tells and body language is pretty overrated imo. I would spend the time on things like improving hand reading, id-ing player types, and working to develop better counter strategies
  6. sounds like a stupid way to think about it from that book, think ev against ranges and optimal way to play that spot.
  7. Wouldnt people expect that more from c/ring? imo c/ring seems more balanced to me but idk
  8. i would assume a new guy to bodog playing in 2-4 is prob a reg from another site and 2-4 is generally aggro for the most part ( and plenty of his 3 bets are probably smacking this board) that i still prefer to check. I mean what are we opening, calling, and leading multiway?
  9. ^well UB stopped taking money and then ended up broke. i kinda see the same coming with the smaller US sites now bc either all the regs will win the money or they will just go bankrupt bc the games will get a lot harder and no rec players will have $ left to loseto mt- i mean that would be ideal, but 2-5 plays so weak i def think plenty of worse hands are calling, so im more inclined to get chips in the middle before scare cards come
  10. Oh and btw word on the street is bodog is not taking new deposits you may wanna keep and eye on that and make sure you don't have too much $ sitting on there
  11. I'm raising the flop for value but also nc it gives our hand a chance to have draws that we can bluff with and induce more calls bc we have some weak hands in I mean if we kinda project out our plan the turn can be a massive cluster f*ck this multi way and there are loads of cards that kills our actionAnd sorry for any weird misspells I'm on my phone
  12. i dont disagree that against some villains we do have to bite the bullet and fold the flop, but in rush unless we seriously have played a sh*t ton of hands against this person idk how we could let it go that quickly. In a rush tourny ( i havent played rush cash in forever but they should be similar) this was often times weakness more then strength imo. most people dont 4 bet 10's for value pre ( i guess it could happen) so it is either an AQ, AK hand or AA most of the time imo. If say we were playing none rush against someone we know is a nit and he never donk bets light or ever 4 bets, yah we
  13. call with the intention of trying to get to a somewhat cheap slowdown isnt a bad plan. when you get checked to twice part of me wants to go for thin value on the river thou
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