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  1. haha yea me too. I doubled up some donk when i hit 2 pair j4ss from SB on KJ4 flop and he had K4.
  2. Senior year of high school I go on spring break to the Bahamas. There is a casino with a full poker room about a 2 minute walk from our hotel. Having just turned 18 less than a year, i am super excited to play my first No Limit hold em (i had played limit at an indian casino throughout the year). I play and play alot. I meet a nice guy who happens to be from a different detroit suburb about 40 minutes from where I live. We exchange numbers, etc. Vacation ends, and he calls me to invite me to his home game. At .5/1$ and 40$ min buy in it is slightly larger than the home games my friends
  3. **** obama. lying piece of trash. i hope he gets a disease and is forced to step down from public office.
  4. not when your opponents suck so bad. Way more profitable than online with same BR, IMO.a typical 2/5 NL game live typically has a 25-35$ raise preflop with 2-5 callers. Also you can get reads on players waaay more easily live. Within 10 or 15 minutes of sitting down you know how to beat each player specifically, either by bluffing them or makign thin value bets.
  5. i insta call probably. He either has 4 or he doesnt. I doubt he pushes all in with the straight unless he has 84 or nut straight. Probably missed clubs more often than not. Possibly ac8c even?
  6. So i started keeping track of my live sessions on 4.9.2009, in a great excel sheet thanks to Cwik. So now its 2 months later and I have logged 151 hours. I know variance goes alot slower live than online. How many hours do you guys consider adequate to judge, at the very least, whether you are a winning or losing player and moreover how many hours until you can actually find a somewhat reliable hourly win rate.If online players are reading this, i would guess that 150 hours is equal to about 5k hands or so.
  7. 1) Your a good writer2) Nice pictures3) I hope to be there next summer
  8. while he wasnt completely still, he was except for continuous chip shuffling which he repeated in the exact same manner for 5 minutes and he ddint move anything else. Also, when I acted like i was throwing my hand away he did not do anything to try and change my mind. he looked right at me the entire time, seemingly trying to intimidate me. Lastly, his adam apple bounced and he was not breathing normally, but rather not rly breathing at all. A combination of these things and the way the hand played out, allowed to make this call.
  9. i tanked for a good few minutes, and thanks to mike caro's book was able to make the call. villian had9d4d from flopped Fd+gutshot, turned double belly buster.
  10. congrats man, must feel awesome. enjoy the winnings, at least a little of them.
  11. The 8 does not scare me, unless its Ad8d in his hand. What would be his reasoning for betting a naked 8 on the river? Even a naked ace if he has lets say Ad10d or something. The biggest mistake of live players is not betting for think value on the end. This is why I threw out all 1 pair hands from his range on the river. Its really either set, straight, A6, Ad8d, or bluff. I really do not evn think he bets 56 here.
  12. If i raise the flop he pushes most of his range, laying down only hands that I have beat badly. his leading out range hypothetically includes sets, draws, 2 pair and occasional overpair. Even though I think that he slowplays a set/straight. Its a lose lose situation since I cant call a push. I never raise to "find out where I am" like so many people like to do. i think it is greatly -ev. i either raise for value or as a bluff. In this spot I am fine to just call down barring a diamond or something fishy, perhaps like him betting 300 on the river....
  13. earn 30/hr$ minimum and play 60 hours minimum in June. Work out 4x+ per weekStudy 4x+ per weekEat healthyGet laid
  14. Villian and I have alot of history this session. One hand I raised 20 utg with 10c7c and he and 1 other called. Flop 334 1 club, i bet 30 he called. turn 8c i bet 70 he called, river Kh i bet 120 he folded I mucked. Second hand we played I limped with 44 MP and so did many others. FLop was qj4 someone led out 20, call, i make it 100 he overcalls behind me and 1 other calls. Turn is 5 I bet 200 he pushes for 300 other folds, I call, he has QJ. Last hand we have together was I call 20$ raise in MP with 55 and position, but he overcalls on the button. Flop 468 Raiser bets 75, i call (real
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