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  1. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on playing a pair + flush draw combo.Specifically on the turn and having a marginal combo [non top pair, non nut draw].I was playing against a micro player [slightly tighter than me] that played ABC poker, definitely better then the average at those stakes, but still a micro limit guy.We were down to heads up - $5, 15-player SNG short[5]handed -, and I happened to push the turn with Ts3s on a 432/A board with two spades. His hand was a notch better and he called me with Js4s.I don’t really want to know what you think of this particular hand [hence no det
  2. Yeah, I hate Prima too...Too bad it's the only place I can play. I had a series of problems a few months ago in the $3 rebuy there, and it took quite a bunch of e-mails just so that they aknowledged it was their mistake and refunded my buy-in.Plus, ST/HU SNGs have the worst structure [blind increase every 10 hands?], along with most of the MTTs [with only 1k chips to start].And then there's the lack of non-HE games.Good thing I am mostly a NL cash game player [on a break from online poker].BTW I suck at tournaments, so I can't join.
  3. bump...I'm headed to Melbourne in June and would like to know what are the lowest tables [NL] at the Crown.[When} are you going there, Royal Tour?
  4. I'm just stupid, but I never know what these 47/13, 58/24 numbers mean [might not be the place to ask, but I figure it's a quick one to answer].
  5. ZOMG I didn't know.but why in hell would someone try to convince people through a fake video that he can stack dice?!?!that's even worse.
  6. might be hard to do, but I don't see the point.doesn't seem fun, and it's not really a cool thing to show off, IMO.
  7. Royal was just pointing out that OP said the 40/80 game wasn't good, yet he won a couple grand.Makes it seem that if the game was good, he would've won tens of thousands.That's all he was saying; I didn't see any "ZOMG you're gonna go broke cause you think you are teh nutz".
  8. Cast AwayTom Hanks isolates himself in an island doing nothing but playing online poker [wireless internet connection/ laptop with solar energy system - all made from shells and sand].There is a 50 minute sequence without any lines, just him playing poker.After a while his girlfriend [and the rest of the world] considers him dead. He is sloppy and has awful hair/ beard. Eats junk and is so alone he begins to lose it [ie. talking to his card protector Wilson].After a long streak of bad variance [at a certain point he considers suicide], he decides to leave the island. As he returns to the 'real
  9. Nice!! That's what I thought. Imagine how many strippers and how much blow 17 mil can buy!
  10. Breaking even for a month is nothing.It could be worse. And eventually it will be (much) worse.Breaking even > losing.One month < any considerable amount of time.
  11. lololyou should've called the turn.he would bet $25 on the river, then you min raise and he folds.
  12. Daniel wrote an article.link:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/daniel/pok...amp;ucat=3&
  13. disrespect to Royal and Ron?I used to love their endless jokes, long before I signed in.
  14. I sometimes have the urge to play old games. Over the past few years I have played Out of This World [bestest], The Lost Vikings and, well... Prince of persia [1 and 2]. When I used to play Prince of Persia 2 [and I'm talking PC DOS version] I couldn't play after the part where you ride the horse to jump a really big hole. And that's because my computer back then was just plain bad and some error would occur.So I downloaded it recently [not so recently], and after a couple minutes of gameplay, the game slows down dramatically to the point that I can't even play. I don't think it's my computer
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