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  1. I hope and expect that you are wrong.There are additional barriers; people won't buy the book, the owners won't read the book once they bought it; and the readers won't understand the book after reading it...amazon.ca has a listed price that's $13 lower than amazon.com, so I expect amazon.ca to lie and cancel the order, claiming that the book is permanently unavailable rather than honour the $18 price they mistakenly listed it as.There's no way Dan would want that book available for only $18, not that he has that much say.
  2. Is Brad Booth a better cash player than Men the Master is a tournament player?(easy question, Men cheats, and he's not really that good anyhow ... honest, find a better question)Do Asian players still get less respect than they deserve, and should this encourage them to cheat given thatthey'll never get the endorsement deals? Has anything changed?(we already know there's a ton of great (East) Asian players, that misses the point, are they given the respect in proportion to their achievements?)e.g. Scott Fischmann, though he does great, gets the invite to the heads up events before a whole raf
  3. Bob, you made a really bad judgment by closing that thread. You are telling me that these military and academic authorities are equally as irrational?Have a look at the third link in my sig, have a look at the video I posted in the sig, it's an MIT professor talking, you are suggesting these people can't think?I'm almost content with the fact that you didn't take the thread down--I would hope that if Daniel invested some time with the links, he could overturn your decision.If you poll most Europeans, not to mention the world population, they would be in agreement with my position (of course, t
  4. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7603335034365284028Let me update you on the current thinking I've been listening to (not on the major censored news media--note that William Colby bragged that the CIA has bought and paid for all major media, which as you know is now concentrated into ownership by mostly 6 companies):There are six nuclear warheads from N. Dakota that had gone missing, they may have been shipped to Louisiana on their way to the Persian Gulf region.There are OLD (sent because they know they will be damaged or ruined) U.S. carriers in the Strait of Hormuz where another fal
  5. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4964815055222418390This should help put matters into context.Recent data has shown that the 'false flag' attack to muster support for war is a recurring theme--Gulf of Tompkin, Vietnam invasion.Variants would include letting it happen on purpose (LIHOP), Pearl Harbour (official concession based on more released documents recently).Tarpley discusses 'making it happen on purpose' (MIHOP) in his book, Synthetic Terror.Have a look at the amazon.com customer reviews as a guide ... mostly five out of five stars.I mention this book as being the best and by far
  6. Hi Daniel,There are many people who are credible who believe 9/11 was an inside job.Check out my slightly revised signature below.I had spent about 100-200 hours researching this topic, and at first I was very skeptical.It was almost by accident, and someone at youtube suggested I use the search terms '911 tv fakery'so I checked that out too.Much of the data came out around 2004 and 2005, but there was a French author that did publish a book about a month after 911 and at the time I thought he was a kook.Anyhow, I finally convinced one friend to show some curiosity after letting him know a yea
  7. I knew a handwriting expert who was called to Washington to inspect some handwriting by both of the Clintons (remember whitewater, etc) and she told me(she claimed to have a 96% accuracy rate, whatever that's worth, apparently extremely high for hand-writing analysis) that both Hilary and Bill are huge chronic liars. This is probably true of any of the remaining candidates, only some of the dropouts who polled less than 3% earlier had some honesty. How the heck do you win an election with such a diverse population unless you are lying half the time to significant segments of the population? Ju
  8. if guys' sex organs stuck out the other direction, I think they'd have no problem hugging more.
  9. Why don't you guys just vote for the best man remaining in the race, Nader?Remember, a vote for anyone other than Nader is just a wasted vote.
  10. If you guys dug deeper, I don't think any of you would vote for the three remaining major candidates.First of all, have a look at this 2 dvd set entitled, "Where is the world going, Mr. Stiglitz?"Joseph Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize, and he speaks for about 5 hours ... explaining what is working and what is not re globalization.Then, realize that Obama as well as Clinton and McCain are all pretty hawkish, have a look at who's backing Obama (clue, look at who he is unable to fire after that Canadian Embassy/Ohio/NAFTA 'miscommunication' last week--you will conclude he lied). Goolsby (spelling)
  11. Prostitution is already legal. It's called marriage, dating, courting, sex etc.Nader in '08!btw, a buddy of mine won't shut up because he was hanging out with Silda when she was 21 and he was 20 for at least a month in Europe. He has pics to prove it. They were an item but when I pressed him for details, he didn't even french kiss her, due to his inexperience. Yes, they were an item, but the women outnumbered the men, and he was about as handsome as Spitzer is today.
  12. Someone should build one of those japanese style hotels where each room is about 8' x 3' x 3' large, with security and a fresh supply of air, all you need is a funnel and a tube for most of your micturation, and a communal toilet for number 2.Remember reading about it in William Gibson's novels. Perfect for gamblers but the the big hotel owners would not allow it.
  13. Though the article deals mainly with doping in sports, poker is mentioned in passing.First, either the poker community as defined by all players, or the poker sites as a collective, need to recognize that this is a serious problem.Here is the relevant paragraph from the article. Nothing new, just sayin' (hate to sound like a broken record, but I don't see any poker sites giving a crap)..."Nash EquilibriumIn game theory, if no player has anything to gain by unilaterally changing strategies, the game is said to bein Nash Equilibrium. ...the game must be restructured so that competing clean is i
  14. That judge made a common error, the issue of responsibility still exists even if other places are 'negligent' ...
  15. Someone who is familiar with the relevant cases could offer an opinion as to whether or not this is winnable.I'm guessing that the best defence is that a person waives this expectation (duty of care) when he/she walks into a casino; whereas the bar/drunkenness comparison is not applicable.Any lawyers out there that want to post?
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