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  1. I just thought I would post this AMAZING letter from soldiers involved in this incident. I really feel for the soldiers, and really everyone involved in this situation. I hope peace and reconciliation can find those involved here.‘Collateral Murder’ Veterans Apologize to Iraqi Familieshttp://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/04/16/col...iraqi-families/
  2. I was not trying to incite hostility, I was just being emotional on this issue. I definitely was not trying to be anti-US. I accept your apology and apologize in my own regard if I came off that way.YAY we're all friends again
  3. I agree with all of this except the part where they should cover it up. BTW, they did cover it up, but it got leaked. That is also a major point. Truth always comes to the surface, which makes cover ups so dangerous in the first place.I'm going to end this here. Our points have been made and I don't think we can really take them any further. Although I do think it is completely out of line (and intellectually bankrupt) for Jeepster to resort to ad hominem attacks, insinuating that I am anti-American and a "jackass". This was the only unfortunate part of the discussion for me.
  4. Oh so now I'm anti-US huh? I'm a terrorist to you now probably huh? Why? Because I don't bow down to the wise political and military overlords? Because I have a brain of my own and don't accept everything that is spoon fed to me. Wow, to even suggest that what I am saying is "anti-US rhetoric" shows how immature you are. Jesus bro, I hold the opinion that murdering innocent people and shooting at a car full of kids, whether with knowledge or not, is wrong, and that makes my entire constitution "anti-US". Pathetic man, real pathetic.Really? Are you that ignorant to think that videos like this m
  5. Do you even understand what rules of engagement means! You can't just go and blow away every single person you suspect might be a hostile target. And no, they weren't "embedded" with anti-U.S. troops. They were reporters covering the news.What do you suppose I am trying to say that isn't related to the video? Out with your conspiracy theory.Same question to you. Do the things you saw in the video make you, and the country for that matter, more safe or less safe?
  6. First of all, I'm not a troll.The people who were killed in the video weren't terrorists. Do you honestly think all people on that side of the world are terrorists? Also, these people didn't really have a choice to "live in a war-zone". Where else are they to go? Besides, 2 million refugees are currently living in Syria so many have already got out of there.I don't blame the troops for the war at all. But they do have a responsibility for their own actions. The sad truth is, this is what war is. Like a member from that helicopter company said recently, things like this happen all the time in I
  7. That is because you are on the same team as "those in the helicopters". If it was your family, friends, or neighbours, your support certainly would be different.I think you should just admit that there was no initial "shock" for you. Rather, it would just be against your nature to question anything "the troops" over there do, primarily because you know you would be partially to blame. You know your tax dollars are being put to work there, you have done nothing to end the war, they are essentially "fighting for your freedom". To admit their actions were wrong would be to accept the fact that it
  8. I mean, lol, it didn't really take all that many posts...
  9. Are you talking about the Iraqis or US soldiers?http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commen...0,5399612.storyedit: we both, of course, should not generalize...that is, your racist opinion that all Iraqis are rapists, and I am not saying all US soldiers are rapists
  10. That all you have? A few spelling errors after I typed something up quick?If you're as good with words as you are on the economy...god help you.
  11. Yeah! What were those stupid Iraqi's doing trying to walk about THEIR country, in THEIR streets. Pffff, thinking they have the freedom to film and document what is going on...the nerve they have.Who cares if people were murdered in cold blood. Their skin is brown, and thus they have no rights.And why does Ballon guy still post here. I am embarrassed you three year ago about the economy.
  12. BINGO! Once I realized this, it changed the way I view politics entirely. It is very hard to pull yourself out of the "left-right" paradigm. We all want heroes and people we can look to for help. Executive authority is growing just as fast (maybe faster?) under Obama than Bush. But such is the nature of governments...we really should not be surprised.I like Ron Paul because I feel like I can trust him the most. Even if a Hillary or Romney ran on a Ron Paul platform, I couldn't vote for them because I don't like their political accurement.
  13. Why didn't you vote for Ron Paul? Or maybe you did in the primaries?
  14. Don't worry man. I get how you feel. I react the same way (i.e. see about 3 minutes ago in my thread addressed to you ). I won't take the soup, but I hope you cheer up dude!P.S. You don't really need to apologize to me anyway. We were just having a spirited back and forth the way I see it.
  15. The sad thing is, you and I probably don't differ as much in politics as you think. I know you think I'm a hardcore Democrat and an Obama lover, but that is far from being the case. I really just can't stand people who cheer for one of the "teams" and don't look at things objectively. If you are afraid of socialism, then why support the Bush education expansion of "No Child Left Behind"? Why support the Bush TARP? Why support the huge expansion of government under Bush, budget wise and power wise?Why support the Bush auto-bailout?"On December 12, 2008, General Motors stated that it was nearly
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