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  1. Why is Daniel Negreanu trying to ruin the experience for everyone, including himself ? Also is the +ev that Daniel Negreanu thinks he gets from having Doug Polk not limp the button worth completely capitulating on his principles?
  2. Do they provide online poker to americans? The DOJ has made it painfully clear that online poker is covered by the UIGEA. Yeah assuming the main premise of my argument is wrong, than I see no problem.
  3. Doesn't sound like he is all that interested in their employment. Saying you will get paid and getting paid are two different things. Considering the state of online poker at the moment I would take the exact same stand that NA's is taking in relation to this 'job offer'. Not like he can take an illegal online employer to court for unpaid wages. I can only assume from the posts that NA has made that there is an even better reasons based on his experience in this industry and the sites current structure to laugh at them and their offers.
  4. Create the graphs for yourself. http://www.evplusplu...ance_simulator/ He is whatever the term for greater than right is.
  5. everyone with money is getting those emails. I think a lot of people who forgot they had money on the site will be looking to punt. I also think a lot of regs will be looking to withdraw a large portion of their accounts. Game quality could be anything really.
  6. I think giving them another card to make an inferior holding is better in this situation since we practically have this hand locked down. Really as long as we never fold and all the money is in the middle, I doubt either line is that much different in EV
  7. We print money because they always fold flop. We flopped the world this hand. I don't see the issue with letting the guy think we are slightly weaker than we are by checking. If he is calling flop with 99-QQ, he is calling turn with 99-QQ. It also gives him some rope to try and push us off our hand.
  8. I actually disagree. I like not betting the flop. We have all the aces, there is very little in the way of draws and there is so little behind that just betting half pot twice will get stacks it. Check and give him a chance to catch up.
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