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  1. I grew up with Roy Winston in Brooklyn -- was good friends with his brother as a kid ...He is a big high stakes player in LA and the new high limil NL host at Commerce --Congrats to him .. and the 1.5 million.
  2. can you say .. trainwreck
  3. I like DN a lot .. I like this site a lot .. With that said, is it remotely possible that the fact pattern the original poster on 2+2 laid out, is correct or rooted in the truth? ..
  4. But i understood that TJ loses a ton of dough playing craps, which is why he needs to be staked .. Is that the case with Gavin, or does he do it to limit his downside (and if so, doesn't it also severly limit his upside) .. Also, how much would a player like Gavin get from Full Tilt? I know he wears the garb, but does he ever play on the site?thx for all the helpful replies
  5. I was listening to the radio show on Pokerwire Radio - and Sebok was speaking about having a staking deal "like gavin does" and the possibility of it drying up if he doesn't cash enough ..Who is staking gavin? .. he has won a WPT and was at the final table of another -- plus a second in a WSOP circuit event. Why does he need to be staked? .. Anyone on the inside?
  6. Seems to me DN's play was a straight riverboat gamble -- he's obviously not yet on top of his game (unfortunate for one of the premier events of the year) .. He may round into form by the WSOP.
  7. I would have gotten her the case of the drink .. and a dildo .. cause in case she did not like it, she could go f**k herself.
  8. haters .. do you guys have any idea how many bracelets he has?<sw>
  9. umm .. excuse me .. i think it involves a knuckle.
  10. A) BBFIDTSB) I had a roast beef and muenster cheese sandwich for lunch
  11. ESPN's poker page posted on the best final tables of all time. This is one of the ones they included.No. 5: 2003 World Series of Poker -- no-limit hold 'em -- $3,000 buy-in -- 398 EntrantsYou only have to look at the final three to see why we chose this particular table. Sure, there were some big names other than Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel at this $3,000 bracelet event -- Mark Seif, who has two bracelets of his own, finished ninth, and Jay Heimowitz, with six bracelets, finished sixth -- but the sight of three legends battling it out for a WSOP bracelet and over $400,000 m
  12. He's on a sick rush right now -- over $2million already this year. How big will his year be? ..$5 million? 10 ...
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