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  1. - I'm not booking anymore cause I'm leaving in a few minutes -
  2. I'll take the field vs both Phil's (even money) for $10, anyone?
  3. 3 of 7 at sng FT... with cash on the side.Yesterday I was deep in a 10$ KO sng when it happened... so pissed, came back to win it obv (/brag).
  4. I don't find much fault in it. Did you get action?
  5. I think you can fold. UTG+1 def has a set.
  6. I don't see anyway realistically that you have the best hand in this spot.Most likely a set or 5-4, IMO.I fold for sure.
  7. 1) I would probably RR pre most of the time, but some may not since there is no one new behind you and your call may look weak leaving UTG+1 a chance to 3-bet for you. Then you could come over the top and play a huge pot pre but...2) Checking (obv with the intentions of c/r) is often done by a lot of people, but I think leading here and reevaluating if you get raised is a better course of actions.3) Not sure why he folds the turn, up to that point in the hand the way he played it there's little to no indication for K-K being beat. The small bet and min-raise don't mean that K-K are beat, he ne
  8. He's filming a new Mouthpice today that should be up by tomorrow... watch it - that should answer your question.
  9. Could you have been anymore obv that it was you, hahaha. I person who had known nothing about the situation would have atleast been taken a back by two coats cut/taped together... what a c**ksucker, I would of put your cigarette out on your forehead. LOL, over an OESD... so trivial.Hope this is fake.
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