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  1. I just got holdem manager and cant get it to run with my norton360. Norton isnt allowing postgreSQL to run even though I specifically allowed it through the norton firewall. I surfed through HEMM site and theyre saying to uninstall my norton and it should work, but I really dont want to do that. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?
  2. Next week me and a couple of buddies are going to Vegas for the first time in 2 years (Thurs. to Mon.). We were wondering what the good clubs are now? Last time we went Tao was the spot, Jet was good. We are all 29 and 30 years old and are not looking for a place where there is nothing but 21 year olds (like prive at planet hollywood was last trip), but at the same time we dont want to be the youngest ones in the place. We want something with a good mix. We plan on booking a booth and bottles, so long lines where only hot girls and vinnie chase types get in, shouldnt't be a problem.
  3. i called, the river was the 10s, so i filled up. i showed my sevens full, but i should have waited for him to show first, i had pos.....he mucked and claimed he had 6c4c. the guy next to me said he was full of it and saw the As when he mucked.
  4. so ive been at the table for about 8hrs and have been playing with villian ( older asian guy) the whole time. he's show down strong hands and crappy hands, and has had propensity to bluff once in a while. he aso thinks flush draws are the nuts.utg (villian stack 400) - limps for 2 utg+1 (tight lady, whos stuck 200) - raises to 15MP1 - foldsMP2 - calls 15fold fold CO (hero stack 450) 7h7d - calls 15button - foldsb - foldbb - foldutg - calls 15pot = 63flop - 7s 5s 3cvillian - check, utg+1 - ckeck, MP2 - check, hero - bets 45, villian calls, others foldpot = 153turn - 10cvillian - check, hero -
  5. so i'm in round 3 and if i win i'm in the money for about 250.i play alot of heads-up tournies so im feeling pretty confident. a little background to my hu game:i min raise 90% of my hands on the button and cont. bet 70%i play passive out of position and try to trapblinds are at 25/50my stack 5300villian 4700so were about 15 hands into the match, ive raised every one of my buttons to $100, he's played back about 4 times, and ive folded my junk. he's raised every one of his buttons to either 100 or 150.the hand in questioni'm on the button and have kk, i raise to 100, villian calls. flop come
  6. does anybody know why HSP season 5 isn't on pokertube anymore?
  7. i play mostly cash games on stars, 0.1/0.25 and 0.25/0.5. i dable in the 0.5/1 game too sometimes. just wondering which site everyone thinks has softer games?
  8. anyone know when they start running these on pokerstars?
  9. i've played a few of these in the $10 and $20 and had great success. so far i've played 15 and won 10. anyone else play these? and at what level does the competition get tougher?
  10. well, i started playing poker about 4 years ago and it was striclty limit hold'em. after running and playing bad for a while i decided to try out no-limit. i loved it, did well and have been playing nothing but nl cash games ever since (about 2 1/2 yrs) mostly online at stars, with the odd tourney mixed in there. recently i found the games to be getting tougher, running bad, playing like a tool etc. i play mostly 0.5/1. i decided to take a break from nl and try a little bit of limit again. i started dabling in the 5/10 6-max game. i found it very fishy, which was not the case when i quit
  11. so i had a couple of days off work and decided to drive up to fallsview to shoot some 2-5nl. i call in and get on the list, when i get there around 2pm i jump right in and buy in for the max $300. a couple of interesting hands came up:hand #1: 3 folds to me and i look down to see 99. i raise to 20 (stack is still 300) and guy to left calls, everyone else folds. villian is a younger guy and from what ive seen is very prone to tilt and a little bit of a cannon. flop comes KQ6 rainbow and i check hating this flop. villian checks behind. turn is a 2 and show total weekness and check again,
  12. i put villian on 99-JJ. he's scared you have an overpair since you raised utg. i think you played the hand well, but i bet more on every street.
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