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  1. GD it. I caught this thread right before I went to bed. How the hell am I supposed to go to bed now when my side aches and my keyboard is full of warm milk?
  2. I'm not sure who I am more disappointed with. Every fighter in the cage that had anything to do with the brawl, or the COMPLETE DOUCHE who said "sometimes this happens in MMA". WTF?? Maybe he was saying "we are on national television" to remind himself not to make such clueless and damaging comments.
  3. What happened to Vitor Belfort? I didn't think he was going to be out that long. As much as I want to see Sonnen take Silva down I would really like to see Belfort KHTFO.
  4. Should I have put a s/w next to that? I didn't think anyone would take me for me serious.
  5. Steve, good call on the Edgar/BJ fight. I don't remember Edgar being that active, but honestly even if I had I still would have thought BJ would have the advantage. If he was losing the fight on the feet I figured he would have taken it to the ground. I think Edgar fought a flawless fight. I also think BJ won that fight. It was close, but I would have had it 48-47 with BJ taking rounds 1-3. The momentum definitely turned in the 3rd though.Anderson Silva was afraid to get knocked out. I thought Maia was hurting him with those shots and Anderson was scared. He confirmed it with his post
  6. Great showing by Tiger, even better showing by Phil. A buddy and I were just having a conversation yesterday about adults who have found religion and what percentage of them have had a singular moment that swayed their thinking. I saw very very little of the Masters today because I was a buddy's watching TIVO'd UFC from last night. The very first part I saw was when Tiger drained the approach on 7. Literally, my buddy switched it from the Yankee game just in time to see Tiger swing and it goes draino. Thought it was a replay from earlier today, but nope, it was live. The second part I sa
  7. I was being facetious, but since you pointed it out....yeah, I guess it was as convincing as your one word answer.
  8. Apparently the guy that administered the tests said they went as well as they could have as far as execution. I tested a LOT higher running than biking which is surprising. Relatively speaking I am a much stronger biker, especially as far as triathletes are concerned. I tapped out at 350 watts on the bike...whatever that means. I don't use or train by power even though I've heard it is a must these days.
  9. Saw Armstrong pulled out of Circuit de la Sarthe due to illness....along with half his team. He was the last one to get sick. Makes me wonder if he just didn't want to race without a team.
  10. Haha...riding a crit with hangover....NICE! Only thing worse I can think of is trying to PR a 10K run. Never mtb'd up by Berry. Have ridden some trails up near Dalton including Snake Creek Gap which was not fun....it was more like a Appalachian hiking trail that they hold a time trial on. More rocks than Yosemite. The rides I have done near Rome/Cartersville have been organized century rides. Would never be able to find my way around there without cue sheets. My last one started in Cartersville and I popped a spoke (3rd in a month) about 20 miles in. The Sag wagon took us to the bike s
  11. Doh..haven't visited this thread between then and now, but here were my picks1)Cancillera2)Boonen3)Gilbert (wild guess here)4)Leukamens5)FarrarThe guys I ride with call me Thor Hushovd. Not because I ride like him....more like I look like a train.
  12. Yup. Should be a good sweat even though I only have $20 on the line. He's definitely been impressive so far. He's putting the lights out so that could easily stop.....or continue.
  13. Can I buy out for $19? Hah. Definitely been impressed with his game so far. His putting has been incredible.
  14. I posted it here and the sports betting thread. Still stands, but now you are betting -1000.
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