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  1. Hi Daniel, FCP administrative staff, moderators, and auxiliary personnel, Just reaching out to see if there has been any positive movement on this subject. I quietly stood by waiting for an announcement but since I have yet to hear anything I thought it wise to reach out for some definitive clarification. I am sure there are other "Charter Members" who feel the same way but are hesitant to speak up and cause consternation within the FCP community. When I became a "Charter Member" in April of 2005, I was told that along with other "Charter Members", we would be afforded special privileg
  2. Question of casino etiquette.When you cash out should you tip the cage?
  3. Nice score Fargo.WTG! Fluff! Follow you on twitter you were all over the place.A trip report I think is in order.I saw you were in Zona. Did you watch AZ Brew crew?
  4. 'the micors' - becoming the Entourage of the poker world. Everyone wants to be on it.
  5. https://www.thinkorswim.com/tos/displayPage...page=paperMoneyyou may want to consider this to practice - it gives you 100k to work with.
  6. 6,494 $61,043,600 $8,547,042 for first9th makes you a millionaire $1,263,602
  7. 6697It's pretty remarkable how with all the shit that's gone down the Main event could still top 6,000 runners.
  8. (DanielNegreanu)Then next week it's WSOP time!!!!! I am absolutely going to smash/mangle the tournaments this year. I'm more prepared this year poker wise, having played mixed games at Aria, and then the run in the high roller tournament. I'm expecting long days, every day for about 6 weeks which means I won't be doing P90X like I did last year. I'll try to get some exercise in when I can, but my focus is going to be on winning, and there is absolutely no way I won't be winning.There are three high profile events this year that will get my extra attention: the $25k NLH Heads Up, the $50k Playe
  9. If this is even remotely true, LOL. I'm not privy to the business model but for a company like this to even be considering bankruptcy shows how poor it must have been run. Indeed poker players are bad at managing their BR - unfortunately for us - their BR has our money too.Additionally Ivey dropped the suit - Did he get paid? That the only thing I could see happening as to why he dropped the suit. The drama continues.
  10. Kind of agree. I don't know how it can make money. The only two of these recent IPOs I like a are Yandex and Facebook (yet to IPO)I dunno if Facebook is the next Google because of the wear effect.About 6 months ago at work everything we pitched had to have a facebook component to it but now it's not as important.
  11. That was so f-ing good. Laak, Tilly and Antonio had me rolling.
  12. If you're a beginner, I'd start with Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. Gordon gets completely raked on forums but his book is a good starting point. There are TONS of useful articles on Bankroll management. This one is good.http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/basic-...agement-224586/Don't focus on tells. Focus on betting patterns. Play lots. Books are good but nothing beats actual experience. If you're truly serious I'd start 50/50 - half playing half studying. Best of luck.
  13. Speaking of Ivey.Here is my lame theory. He got a divorce last year. I would venture to guess that he was either hiding funds from her online or he said listen you get all the hard assets and I'll keep all the money that's online. When Black Friday went down he just became uber cash poor. Maybe not but we are speculating about everything else. So why not the real reasons why he field the law suit.
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