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  1. Sorry this post is off topic, but I just stopped by, saw an old friend and wanted to say hey: Rob, how the hell have you been? Long time no see! Hope all is well and your still ripping your drives long and straight! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...
  2. Dang, I miss the Sunday Million.
  3. Hi. I thought of you when I took this photo.
  4. RIP Christian. You made the world a brighter place.
  5. International Space Station, Solar Transit, 6/23/15
  6. I use a website called calsky.com. It predicts all passes, but is very useful in predicting transits of the Sun and Moon. You can get a general 2 day advance prediction that shows a line on Google Maps where you can be to photograph a transit. Click calsky.com > Satellites > Internat. Space Station ISS, then scroll down to "2 day map...". You can also set up your observing site and do predictions for up to 2 months, although the farther away the event, the less accurate the prediction. I can't really say how often it crosses in front of the Moon. I've had 4 opportunities since ea
  7. Here are some shots I took of the International Space Station crossing in front of the Moon. The station is about 250 miles high and travelling 17,500 mph. It took a half-second for it to transit the Moon. I'll link a video of it I shot also. The voice you hear is a college buddy of mine giving me a countdown to start firing the shutter on my camera (it crosses right after he gets to "30"... don't blink!). The station wasn't visible for this, so I used a transit prediction to know when to start the camera.
  8. Awe, Thanks for remembering!
  9. Haven't posted any shots in a while. Here are a few from this Spring: (Another plane and Moon shot - I like this one better than the other one I posted)
  10. Here's a shot I took yesterday:
  11. There was a thread on this 4 years ago. I still play it regularly, although I took a few months off. I've played over 4,000 ends ("matches"). I got on there tonight and thought, "maybe I'll head over to FCP and bump the old thread". Then, for the first time ever on that site, my opponent recognized my screen name, "sandwedgeFCP", and asked, "Full Contact?" Turned out to be a member who hasn't been around since 2012 (imagine that!).
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